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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Dear JW

I haven't written a letter to Santa in years. Too many years. The exact number is not to be uttered. But the letter was memorable. I listed dozens of things I wanted. I remember having catalogs open all over my bedroom floor, too many dog-eared pages for my parents' taste, I'm sure. And I bet on Christmas morning I forgot much of what I had thought I wanted and reveled in my brand new fishing pole, the same as each of my brothers, which was so cool. So simple.

This year I am getting back to simplicity. The problem with simplicity is that it's often difficult to achieve - we seem to always want to complicate things. Take those who are six degrees or less from Donovan McNabb. Let's start with TO. 'Nuff said. (How's that for simplicity?) Then there's J. Whyatt Mondesire, the president of the Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP. If you haven't heard because you've been buried under wrapping paper, he wrote a very curious article in a newspaper of which he happens to be the Publisher. The Publisher, not the Sports Editor. He basically said Donovan doesn't run the football because he doesn't want to be viewed as a black quarterback. (Among other notions that are so ridiculous I will not give them further energy here.) I think it would take a lot more than not running the football to make it so Donovan is not viewed, by himself or others, as a black quarterback.

Um, hey JW, news flash...Donovan knows he's black. Swear. I'd bet my fishing pole on it. You know what else Donovan knows JW? He knows that if he doesn't have a solid passing game and instead relies on his feet to win games, he will be battered, bruised and still black. And the Lombardi trophy will be shining in someone else's locker room.

If JW got on my simplicity bandwagon he would stick to his day job and not fuel a fire when we don't need any more heat. Us fans don't think much, if at all, about Donovan's skin color. We think more about his ability to enable his team to win games. And we think about what it feels like to not be going to the post season. We wonder about Donovan's sports hernia, his accuracy as a passer, his relationships with his teammates and his ability to climb the ladder and win the big game. Isn't that enough? Now you want us to think about whether or not Donovan is wrestling with racial demons while he is waiting...and waiting...for Coach Reid to call a play in from the sidelines?

Not gonna do it JW. I'm getting back to the basics of being a sports fan. I'm interested in what happens on the field, how the athletes and coaches prepare for the game or the race, and how far down into their gut they reach to pull out a victory for themselves and for me, their fan. They could dress in drag on their off day and I wouldn't give it a second thought.

Now, my special holiday edition of IT HAS TO BE SAID: Network News Programs: See that enormous dark shadow inching ever so closely on your super-duper Doppler radar? It's the Grim Ratings Reaper. He's here to tell you that if you spend half your broadcast patting yourself on the back with "heard here first" and the other half saying, "exclusively brought to you live" while showing me another house fire, car accident or corrupt politician (we know they're corrupt - it's not news) the only eyeballs watching will be those in the control room, while they are simultaneously surfing the web for real news.

Happy Playoffs!

Everybody loves sports!

Everybody Loves Sports!

That time of year again and you never know what to get the person who has everything - especially the sports fan. Following are a few gifts that will really say 'I love you' to the dedicated sports fan, while still keeping an eye on their individual tastes and needs. And who knows... they may have had their dreams fulfilled by your gift and never ask you to give again!!!

1) Nothing quite says it like a Christian Throwback Jersey . Instead of actual team logos, names and numbers - you can buy a jersey that has the 'Matthew' as the name with '18' as the number. Customize with all the big names and books of the bible. Sure to get second (and third) glances.

2) Test your skills with the Lightning Reaction Game. How good is your hand-eye coordination? Doesn't matter. With the Lightning Reaction game, the only thing that counts is how long you can hold on while getting shocked. Should be sporting fun for the whole family.

3) Soccer, Jr., the soccer robot, will just plain light up your holiday season. Gather all the glass Christmas ornaments and just see what this little guy can do to a room full of breakables! This is for the sporting aficionado that really does not want to lift a finger, as the robot shoots AND retrieves.

4) Can't afford tickets to WWF? Then just sit back and treat your buddies to the Thumb Wrestling Ring. It's got ropes, the pliable blue mat and two super-soft holes in the matt to prevent chafing during the action. Good luck! (Official Rule Book included - please note: they do not advocate betting).

5) 21? Sick of getting in and out of the car going from bar to bar? Sometimes have trouble getting a seat at the bar when you're there? Well, the Bar Stool Racer has come to your rescue. Your motorized bar stool can now take you anywhere - at up to 28 MPH!! You'll always have a seat and a conversation starter. Comes in Red, Yellow, Orange and Black.

6) We know that sports and beer go hand in hand. But it can be so darn frustrating to get up and go to the fridge - especially when the game is tight. Solution: the Beer Belt. Their motto is 'Never be Thirsty Again'. It holds a six (cans OR bottles) - which should last at least until the next commercial break. And if you don't want to share, I suggest you also pick up a copy of Holly Robinson Peete's 'Get Your Own Damn Beer I'm Watching the Game' and set it right down next to the chips and dip.

7) And onto Lucky Seven: no Christmas would be complete without the fan mask. This creepy MLB offering covers a lot of territory - a) instant face-painting b) Halloween outfit c) post-plastic surgery cover-up - all attached to a backwards MLB logo cap. Man, is it creepy, but at least it boasts a wide mouth opening 'so you can enjoy your favorite beverage (beer) without removing the mask' - because you are having too much fun freaking out everyone around you!
Now - if you want to get the best thing possible for anyone anywhere, you will obviously purchase Fantoo apparel and make everybody happy.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Super Kwanzaa, Peace, Love and all that!