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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hot Stoves, Hot Streaks, and Holy Grails with The Girls!

We're back and ready for action after downing some turkey and hanging with the family. We hope you all enjoyed your holiday if you're on our shores, and if you're not then let us know where you are! There are many ways to get in touch with The Girls and we have had such fun and learned so much from our listeners. Keep the dialogue coming! It's clear we love to talk, no? Leave a note here or email us, and please keep the Fan-Tutors coming. Hats go out to all!

So another week of sports has passed us by and a wild time was had by all. We will be sure to get into more college ball in the coming weeks- both on the court and the gridiron now that NASCAR has driven off till February. The Hot Stove League in baseball has sure kept us busy and wishing we learned how to play when we were little. Maybe we could have been the first chicks in the pros!

The playoffs in the NFL loom, sadly. The season just goes by too fast, although if your team is tanking maybe not fast enough.

The Girls will be back at it at Sports Talk 950 this Satruday so tune in on the web or your radio from 9-10AM. And we'll be back at Lincoln Financial Field for the Eagles V. Panthers Monday Night Football game.

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And now, we don our oven mits and hand to you Episode 50. 5-0. SuWEET!


Hot Stoves, Hot Streaks, and Holy Grails with The Girls!

Today The Girls are coming to you live from the new wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY where construction workers are toiling night and day to erect the pillars required to hold the massive heads of those to be ensconced in the wing. Those are some mighty big pillars, but will they need them? It's to be determined as to what the votes will be, but the age of steroids in baseball and its impact on the Hall is upon us.

We take off for greener pastures - no bovine hormone jokes please! - and dish on the NFL. From questionable calls for roughing the passer to total meltdowns, there are stories aplenty in the run up to Week 13.

The Beer of the Week keeps us company as we glide on over to the NHL where rookies and goons await. The Fan-Tutor will give the back story on the Goon parade as Donald Brashear demonstrates exactly why the league reigns these bullies in these days.

The NBA is shaking out and The Girls applaud the improved performance of Yao Ming and marvel at the offensive madness that is Carmelo Anthony. But we took off our headbands to do so. We don't want to get benched like Ben Wallace.

NASCAR hits the entertainment highway with its illustrious - okay, maybe we're kidding - "banquet". We'll be on the couch with Bud in hand for that one. Can't wait to hear what barbs are thrown at the France family and how many sponsor references are made by the drivers. Now there's a drinking game!

Before we bid farewell, we shed a tear in our IT HAS TO BE SAID. Nobody likes it when romance fails, especially when it involves Borat. So get close to the stove, but don't burn yourself! It's time to warm up to the week in sports with The Girls!


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