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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bikes, Balks and Beer with The Girls

Where to begin in this week's world of sports? How about with a little shameless self-promotion! The Girls are psyched to have been featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer this past weekend with an article by the talented (and clearly a man with good taste) Dan Rubin.

Here's a link to the reprint in his blog - hang out here a while - Dan's got lots to say and he does it well in his blog Blinq.


The GQ July issue should hit the newstands any day now and The Girls will be the first to let you know! We are one of their favorite sports podcasts, and we like them for making men look good.

We could barely contain ourselves this week as there was much to dish on, so without further shameless self-promotion (oh, and I could go on!) here's this week's super-fresh and feisty podcast.

The Girls are coming to you live from MENSA where we search amongst the records for Rothlisberger, Benjamin to no avail. After marveling at the extraordinary-not intellect of Ben the Biker, The Girls slam dunk themselves right in the middle of the NBA Playoffs. Nothing could be hotter than to be in South Beach right about now.

Well, except maybe being in Germany for the World Cup. The sizzle factor hasn't even begun as the teams fight for inclusion in the 16. Which happily leads The Girls to the Beer of the Week, and this one has controversy written all over its frosty label.

It's on to baseball Jason Grimsley reminds us that the game is still smutty, but one look at the action in the MLB and The Girls say, "Whatever, this is FUN!" The Fan-Tutor insures you'll never get fooled by a pitcher again, because you'll be able to spot the BALK a mile away.

NASCAR is in high gear as Denny Hamlin takes the checkered flag at Pocono Raceway, and North Carolina may add another sports notch in its belt with the storied Lord Stanley's Cup in hand by the time we meet again.

This week's IT HAS TO BE SAID has The Girls begging Mexico to do something about the Gulf so that they can eat Shrimp again. No, seriously, they beg. Grab your super duper dopler radar and your helmet and hunker down with The Girls for another wild ride!