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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

From Barry Bonds to Jimmy Hoffa with burps and PLAYOFFS!

The Playoffs are in full swing and we couldn't be happier!

The already famous Ben Wallace montage is being painstakingly hand-crafted for your viewing pleasure. Hang tight...

And now for this week's podcast-

The Girls are coming to you live from NASCAR's Oval Office where a very special guest, Bill Clinton, has been brought in to dish out punishment to Kyle Busch for yet another oh so mature tiff. Given Bill's Oval Office reputation, and our desire to keep our pristine images intact, we scat on out of there like the Tasmanian Devil!

Racing's biggest weekend gets a spin as The Girls uncover the brainiac that dove off the stage during the All-Star race, dish on Marco Andretti the Teenage Wonder, as well as give a big shout out to Sam Hornish, Jr. for the win at Indy, and a suggestion that those with feet stay clear of his vehicle.

We get things ready for the World Cup with an apt IPA in the Beer of the Week, nod in the direction of Barry Bonds (go home now BB), and announce Roger Clemens' signing - you heard it here first! Andre Ethier lights up LA in our Rookie Look. Then it's off to PLAYOFFS land in the NBA and the NHL - we are simply left breathless by these games. Total candy for the sports fan.

The IT HAS TO BE SAID uncovers the mystery in the 30 year desperate search for Jimmy Hoffa's body. Get your shovel and a cushy location for your tush - this is going to be a wild ride with the Fantoo Girls!