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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tasers, Agents and Trades with The Girls

Sports has taken us on a wild ride this week. And thanks to sports and our listeners, The Girls are pleased to announce that we have been chosen as a finalist for best sports podcast by the Podcast Awards. Voting commences Friday, July 28th. If so moved, we thank you now and forever for voting for us.

Podcast Awards or via link to the right.

We also want to thank those that voted for us in the Philadelphia Eagles Dig This Gig contest. We have been selected as one of five finalists that will broadcast live from the Eagles Training Camp. Listen LIVE to our broadcast with Dave Spadaro, and featuring interviews with players, on Tuesday, August 1st at 10:30 AM by visiting the Eagles website. If you like what you hear, vote for us and we will be bringing you the stories from the sidelines live at the Eagles V. Giants game, Sunday, September 17th at Lincoln Financial Field. There's really not another place on planet Earth where we would rather be, so thanks in advance for helping to get us there!

Philadelphia Eagles

We toast a Smuttynose to all those who have helped get us where we are today. We are super grateful.

In this week's cast we ask you to call the hotline and tell us your favorite sports movie of all time. We'll make sure to watch each and every one and serve you up a Fantoo Girls roast of the best of the best. Call now before you get wrapped up in some game.

Call 206-339-4579 and talk to The Girls.

Okay, okay, we've got sports to cover - enough about us!

I give you Episode 32. Promptly push PLAY. Sit back and relax - this won't hurt a bit.

The Girls are coming to you live from Webster's Dictionary Headquarters where they are briefed on a new definition for "agent" to appear in the latest edition, thanks to the bumbling and controlling nature of sports agents-at-large. The Girls have hung out their shingle for all those who wish to just GET ON WITH IT!

NFL Training Camp is hitting its stride and Bill Belichick is wishing he could stride right on out of here. After Bill cries on our shoulder and we school him in fidelity, The Girls sadly bid farewell to Harold Reynolds and hello to the new sausage - that's the Chorizo! We give the knuckleball the Fan-Tutor treatment and discuss the millions of trade rumors swirling around clubhouses in the MLB. With a tasty wheat lager in hand, The Girls suggest Tony Stewart think long and hard about the witness protection program, throw a rookie look at Clint Bowyer, and marvel at Floyd Landis' amazing ride through France.

The British Open has them behaving less than British, but it is all well-deserved, as are kudos for Tiger braving it like a man and unleashing his emotions once and for all. The IT HAS TO BE SAID is a warning, Will Robinson, so tune in. Grab your put-put and line up to shoot the windmill with The Girls - you too can win a free game!