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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Knight Love, Million-Dollar Offers, and Checkered Flag Finales with The Girls!

Another week of sports dissected Fantoo style! This coming weekend poses many challenges for those without TIVO. The Girls plan on hunkering down with some beer and chips and guac to watch it all unfold. With the exception of Sunday when we willl test our luck again by attempting to remain in possession of our Eagles media credentials. Any day now we expect our eviction notice. If we need bail we can count on you, right?

Maybe we'll just call our new rich friend David - you'll have to listen to find out all about him.

So settle in and enjoy another hand-crafted episode of the Fantoo Girls. #48 will be up by midnight thanks to the tireless dedication of Radar. While you're waiting don't forget to check out the SHOP page on the Fantoo website - link at right. There are many options for your holiday shopping needs. Trust us, the ladies will thank you. And ladies - feel free to spoil yourselves. We know you deserve it.

Knight Love, Million-Dollar Offers, and Checkered Flag Finales with The Girls!

The Girls are coming to you live from "The Bobby Knight Experience" which is WAY scarier than Celebrity Paranormal. Another athlete falls victim to the coach who has made a career out of tough love. Oh, that and a bunch of wins. Interesting how his reputation gets him off the hook. But The Girls don't let him slide - not this time.

Who has time to focus on him when the college game of the century, make that all centuries, hits this weekend when Michigan descends on Ohio State Saturday. People who don't even know how to spell football will be watching this match up.

Except those guys in Boston who have bet the farm to just sit in the presence of Diasuke Matsuzaka - say it 10 times fast, we dare you. Apparently if you want to actually touch him it costs much more. Let's see if The Girls think it all a ploy to trick the competition. Diasuke may be staying in Japan after all.

So, Brian France has some splainin to do, no? Hmmm....driving recklessly, careening out of control, sideswiping inanimate objects. Maybe he just thought he was at the Homestead-Miami Speedway. NASCAR speeds to a close with the final race for the Cup this weekend and anyone in the top 5 can take it. Good luck boys!

And off to the NFL we go as we dish on the second half of the season, devote the Beer of the Week to the return of Albert Haynesworth and wonder why the Colts get no respect.

The NHL Hall of Fame inductees are out and there are some surprises. What's not surprising is the Not Hot streak of some teams and the flaming skating of others. Let it be known that The Girls' fav is on the Not Hot list and they are less than happy about it.

The NBA provides them with a much needed distraction from their woes as barbs are thrown, threes are nailed, and college ball tips off. And the IT HAS TO BE SAID may result in The Girls retiring to the Ivory Coast to hang with their new friend, David.

So grab a checkered flag, Diasuke's right arm - KIDDING - and your favorite minion - it's time to hang ten with The Girls!