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Friday, January 06, 2006

The South Rises Again!!!

Though Matthew McConaughy is not a tall man, he will be walking a whole lot taller today after his beloved alma mater took home the College Football National Championship at the Rose Bowl.

What an incredible game - Texas squeaked it out over the University of Southern California in the final minute of the game - even adding an in-your-face 2-point conversion following their final, lead-gaining touchdown. Forced to a field-goal-or-die with about 20 seconds on the clock, USC just couldn't pull it off. The buildup, the hype, the frenzied media circus - all were DEAD ON.

And Vince Young - the new man of my dreams (please come to Philly, please, please PLEASE!!) - he is a STAR, y'all! A QB running in 3 TDs and rushing for 200 yards, not to mention 267 yards of quality passing? Brilliance.
But the best part about this contest by far was the focus on team and the hunger on display at the Pasadena Rose Bowl. This was evident in both teams.

And not one player failed to step up.

For USC, the newly-anointed Heisman winner, Reggie Bush, seemed unstoppable. He exploded with speed and kept it real with a few good gymnastics to get into the end zone. His momentum flagged after a costly fumble in the first half, but he showed up big for the second.

Matt Leinart was excellent as well. USC's QB proved why he was the Heisman winner last year with pass after pass hitting the mark. Receiver Dwayne Jarret, running back LenDale White and the new 'Bus', tight end Dominique Byrd, were also at the top of their game.

But it was no matter - Young and the offensive line took advantage of every break and the defense held when they needed to most. Specifically, when UT shut down LenDale White from achieving first down at 4th and 1 (Sorry sir, you are DENIED!) to give Vince Young the chance to score, and take the final lead - which he did easily.

I hope that every pro in the NFL was watching last night, especially you, TO. The heart, the fight for every ball, the teamwork... Ahhh, so refreshing. And though there will be talk of how Vince Young carried the day and how maybe he should have received the Heisman over Bush (Bush beat out the #2 Young in a landslide of votes), Young himself is the first to deflect attention away from himself and praise his team, Coach Brown and USC for bringin' it.

Through my spectacles, NFL's future looks very classy. Roll on, September!!