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Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Girls Swap Paint with Walt Smith of Dale Earnhardt Inc.

Before we get into this week's podcast we want to thank you for sending in all your questions and your kind words regarding the show. We really appreciate the feedback, and we love talking sports with all of you via email.

An important note: YAHOO's podcast page has not updated their feeds in the past few weeks. While it is super user friendly, if it doesn't update it doesn't work. Feel free to download an RSS feed aggregator and use our URL: or check out the podcast via or

We are fortunate to have had a special guest visit us in the elaborate recording studio - Walt Smith of Dale Earnhardt Inc.! The Girls really appreciate Walt taking the time out of his super busy week to give us an inside look at the pit crews of DEI.
Walt - The Girls send huge thanks, best wishes for a killer race in Vegas, and a hat - so you look stylin at the track.

And now...the podcast...

The Girls are coming to you live from the trial of Elsie the Cow, accused of knowingly slipping Bovine Bonds the roids! They kick off this week's podcast with a Beer of the Week honoring Barry Bonds, give major props to Kirby Puckett, and confess that they have fallen under the spell of the World Baseball Classic. Evgeni "Arty" Artyukhin is (dis)honored as the Rookie Look of the Week for some on-ice behavior that has The Girls reliving shocking moments from their past. And, The Girls land an exclusive interview with Walt Smith, Pit Crew Coordinator for Dale Earnhardt, Inc. Walt takes them behind the scenes at DEI where he cracks the whip and plays practical jokes so the team is ready on race day. Closing with an IT HAS TO BE SAID that all the guys must listen to, The Girls give a warning about GIRLS!

We want to remind all you fashionable sports fans out there that we are running a super hot contest at Fantoo. Email us with your best guess as to the top 10 drivers who will make NASCAR's Chase for the Nextel Cup by March 31st to be entered into a drawing for a Fantoo Fun Pak which will include our beautiful white tee with over 1000 crystals in the shape of a racy stock car and a great Fantoo hat. This tee is sure to stop traffic - even on race day! So, email with your entry - whoever comes closest wins! Don't delay!

Grab some guacamole and a chip and settle in for a wild ride!

Carol and Robin

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Olympic Hangover

I was so high at the beginning of the Olympic games from the new and fun sports in the snowboarding competition, the prospect of Michelle Kwan finally capturing the elusive gold and the possibility that Bode Miller would not only party at an 'Olympic level' but actually compete at that level, too. I even started to catch the craze of curling. Then I crashed. And burned.

It wasn't enough that Chad Hendrick and Shani Davis were sparring like an old married couple, or that the Austrian team was raided by the IOC for drugs, caught red-handed dangling a bag of syringes out the window. Even hockey was beyond meaningless until the final match. Gretzsky, the Great One himself, lamented the Canadian teams' lack of passion. Ironic that 'passion lives here' was the commercial tagline for the games.

Everyone seemed to be airing their dirty laundry - all over the pure clean snow in Turin (ok, Torino). And the timing was off - even the bizarre cheerleaders would cheer when someone got injured. Not cool.

The list could go on forever (Sasha Cohen skating to Silver with TWO falls, the decided lack of finesse in the skating in general due to the judging of the 'elements', hair loss products keeping athletes from competing - SNORE SNORE SNORE). There were some bright spots to be sure (read first sentence), but the world was not a changed place after these Olympics unless you lived in Austria, Finland or Sweden.

Now we are headed in to the World Baseball Classic. I guess this is what happens when a sport gets bumped from the Olympic roster and has to create its own, fully meaningless, ill-timed commercial production.

My hangover has no end in sight. But wait! Is there a glimmer of hope? Will Iverson be there to lead the basketball team to glory in the next summer games?? NO!!!

I think it is time to take a step back and clear our senses.

I'm ready to embrace March Madness. That precious time before everyone with talent loses the will to bring meaning to the game. That time when teamwork trumps individual performances. That time when a low-ranked team can rise to the occasion and beat a team that has more talent - simply because they believe they can. That time when team rivalries mean more than recording deals, apparel lines and multi-million-dollar contracts. The athletes go for broke for the title - rather than hedging their injuries against their salaries.

The only way to cure my hangover will be to have the amateurs return to the Olympics. People should try out for the team ONLY IF they are fully committed to going and playing for the country - not for themselves (Chad Hendrick - are your ears burning?). Now I am exhausted - hand me the remote - college basketball is on!