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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Football Pools, Stats for Fools and The Girls!

Wow. Crazy week. Not only in the sports world, but here in our own little sphere too. Many thanks for the kind words from our listeners and all the new Eagles fans that have joined The Girls via the XX Factor - our weekly feature (Wednesdays) on the Philadelphia Eagles website. We really appreciate the support, but mostly the really funny and insightful thoughts on sports that keep us thinking late, very late into the night.

If you all could cut that out, we're starting to loose sleep and get bags under our eyes. Kidding! Keep 'em coming. Makes us feel like we're pulled right up to the bar with you checking out some games. And that's a fun place to be.

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And now, before you threaten to take away our beer, we give you Episode 39.
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Football Pools, Stats for Fools and The Girls!

The Girls are coming to you live from Superior Mattresses, where these fine folks are happy to sell you highly flammable mattresses for your 'Victory Celebrations'. Apparently that's how things go down these days when your team wins. The Girls say they aren't fans of sleeping on the floor or having all that nasty ash in their hair so we'll just swing our puffy hand around, thank you. And move right on to college ball - the precursor to most mattress burning celebrations. Not only was it a crazy weekend, but brace yourself for more as the best in college football battle it out. Many of these games will have season-defining outcomes. Not much can beat that on Saturdays!

Staying in the gridiron we tackle the age-old "For the love of all that is sporty does that stat mean anything?" question in this week's Fan-Tutor. Yes. You guessed it, the quarterback passer rating. We're still recovering.

After we take a look back on the NFL we make a pitstop in NASCAR to enjoy the view of this year's Top Ten. The US Open closes, and The Girls bid a fond farewell. The MLB beckons. And who can resist this time of year. The Wild Card races remain wild, and the achievements of individual players continue to amaze us. We think we have finally found the meaning in baseball.

Finally, in our IT HAS TO BE SAID of the week, we offer up the most unlikely World Peace Leader who just may bring us all back together again - even if it means we have to dance on the ceiling.

Grab your apple cider (or a really yummy pumpkin ale), your favorite fall sweater and come cuddle up with The Girls.