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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Watching the Playoffs from the Cave with The Girls

The Girls are coming to you live from the cave in which Keith Hernandez apparently lives, dragging his wife by the hair and clubbing wild game for dinner.

We get you more than ready for the NFL Draft with an overview of what coaches have done to date to prepare and where the players might land. With the Beer of the Week in hand, we toast Dale Earnhardt Sr on what would have been his 55th birthday, longing for the days when The Intimidator kept things spicy on the track.

After a quick spin through Talladega, we launch into NBA land with a Fan-Tutor tip of the day to help you spot those blocks as the playoffs kick into high gear. The NHL has been full of surprises in their playoffs, and The Girls learn that great play may have more to do with hair styles than stick handling! The NHL is the league from which we pulled our Rookie Look - and he deserves it.

And no episode is complete without an IT HAS TO BE SAID. This week it concerns all of us.

So, grab your mullet wig, or just your mullet, and come sit in front of the big screen with The Girls.

Listen closely for the new Fantoo contest in this week's podcast! Email with your prediction as to which two teams will be in the NBA Championship series, who the winner will be and in how many games will they win. Multiple winners will be drawn from a Fantoo hat, and the winner will receive a beautiful crystal basketball net tee - a $60.00 value, but more importantly, designed by Robin! And this Girl knows how to make something look hot!

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Enjoy the playoffs!

Carol and Robin