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Thursday, September 07, 2006


We know you’ve been waiting for Episode 38 with the same anticipation as seeing those first pictures of Suri Crusie, so the Girls will not keep the precious podcast from you any longer…

Fresh off the Labor Day weekend ,we come to you live from the search-and-recovery effort that seeks to bring the Rocky statue and his mojo back to its rightful place on Philadelphia scene. The statue, standing for one of the most iconic sports figures (albeit fictional!) to ever grace the city, is being held against his will in a ‘storage warehouse in South Philadelphia’. The Girls say set him free! Free like the wind. As free as Steve Foley is from his salary and the 2006-2007 NFL season! As Foley is mulling over what to do while on sabbatical, Big Ben Roethlisberger is making a speedy recovery to return to the fray. We hope Ben has several more lives left, or at least is on the back side of his bad luck run.

While Tiger Wood’s sister heats up the links (world domination anyone?) on the women’s tour, apparently Zidane’s sister was behind the premature ending of his World Cup quest. The Girl’s appreciate the chivalry and wish it could extend to junior football. It's the chivalry in the NASCAR has Robin all fired up as the final regular-season laps will be run this weekend. We bring you some insight as well as a fine Fan-tutor to help you understand the points system during the Chase for Cup. If you still aren’t fully primed, you’re going to have to ask a statistician.

Reveling in every second of his farewell, we bid a teary adieu to Andre Agassi and look ahead to some Federer-Roddick action in the coming weekend. Speaking of the weekend ahead, the NFL season is upon us! The Girls get giddy dissecting everything from Brett Farve’s rumor mill to the ‘Manning Bowl’. We give a few great viewing picks to enjoy this weekend for both the NFL and College Ball and wrap our football coverage with a rookie look that brings brotherly love to a new level.

The Beer of the Week gets us philosophizing…’hmmmm, who will win the wild card races?’, but there is no question who is our pick for the Cy Young award in the AL. Ryan Howard gets a big high five from the Girls as he kicks down doors on hitting records with his natural talent. The big question we all have is this: where does the Team USA go from here?

Finally, an IT HAS TO BE SAID that will leave you wondering ‘what does this lady eat for breakfast?’

So get your grill fired up, melt cheese over you nachos sit back and enjoy the show.