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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Media Madness, Sports Badness, and Lager Love with The Girls!

We know we've said this in the past, but we have never meant it in quite this way. This was one SPICY week in sports. Who needs telenovas when we have athletes? But in addition to the sideshows and down right nastiness there was some amazing action. And it seems all of it was caught on some sort of tape - be it video or audio. Good thing, cuz nobody likes a dull fall when it seems there isn't a sport in swing.

The Girls have been busy trying to keep up. We jetted out to LA for a whirlwind visit to the People's Choice Podcast Awards where we scooped up our trophy for Best Sports Podcast. Then red-eyed back for our radio show on Sports Talk 950 where the chatter was mainly occupied by the always entertaining, in some sick sort of accident kind of way, T.O. Yes, "the player" is making a return to the City of Brotherly Love. (Note: Love reserved for those not prone to allergic reactions when digesting painkillers and warm and fuzzy natural supplements.) Let the fun begin. And let it end in victory for the Eagles.

As we await the coming weekend's festivities, we are being entertained by some class-act baseball. NASCAR is coming to a close, making each race more important than the last. Hockey heats up with the start of a new season, while basketball is just around the corner. The Girls just want to warn you that with all this going on - not to mention collegiate sports - you cannot forget the important things. Like dressing completely before you leave the house, or taking the gas nozzle out of the tank before departing the station.

A SPECIAL announcement! Calling all service men and women! The Girls know there are many in the military that follow their beloved teams in the states while they are deployed. We want to hear from you or those who know you. In place of our Rookie Look we are honoring a devoted fan each week during our Beer of the Week. Please email The Girls (Or call our hotline at (206) 339-4579) and tell us about the lengths one goes through to follow their favorite teams and athletes while serving our country. We can't wait to share your stories with the world.

And now, Episode 42 - posted by Midnight by the ever-so-talented Radar - for you to treasure, love, make faces at and listen to. Enjoy.

The Girls are coming to you live from...PHILADELPHIA! Finally, after 42 weeks of coming from crazy places we are home. And apparently so is every single member of the media. The zoo has officially set up shop as the Cowboys trek North and due East to take on the Eagles. Bored? C'mon down, you're the next contestant on T.O.'s A Media Glutton.

We, however, have declined to board the train to Wackvillle (until we attend the game on Sunday) and will instead settle in for some insane baseball involving what could be the greatest team to play the game. Watching the Yankees play anyone is like watching a Battle of the Bands with U2 on one stage and Hootie and the Blowfish on another. It doesn't mean the games aren't exciting to watch though. This could be one of the hottest Octobers on record, and The Girls will be bringing it to you along with the best Lager we have EVER sipped.

Okay, chugged.

I mean tasted.

You must not miss the Beer of the Week. It is a keeper and has a great back story for those who love Hunter S. Thompson.

Where to begin with the NFL? The Jets and that amazing 8 man play? The Titans and their clearly psychotic DL with zero control? The debut of Young and Leinart? TO's, um, ALLERGIC reaction? (He's always made us break out in hives.) That's just scratching the surface sports fans - the NFL did not disappoint this week and things are just getting interesting. The Fan-Tutor caps off our football coverage by schooling you in nakedness and bootlegs.

And NASCAR rounds out the day by heading into Talladega full speed. The Chase is almost at its peak and this is just the track to kick it into overdrive. Look for major drafting and lead changes as the boys get four wide on the superspeedway.

The IT HAS TO BE SAID is very important this week as it involves toddlers raiding YOUR piggy bank. Gots to keep your eye on those little guys these days. So grab your cash and hightail it on over - it's time to hang with The Girls.