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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Crank Calls, Blithering Idiots, and PLAYOFFS with The Girls!

Another week of amazing sports happenings and The Girls are all over them. This week's podcast features a special event - Robin FINALLY lost a bet to Carol and in order to make herself whole, she made an all-time great crank phone call. What a way to kick off her birthday! Fun was had by all but the poor dude who answered the phone.

We want to remind you that we are on the hunt for our World Cup Special Correspondent to cover the World Cup for us. So pony up people - we're waiting! Email us!

We also have launched our Blithering Idiot Award which may have multiple winners, but we can't do any of it without you. Please email us quotes and actions from our beloved athletes and others (analysts, management, agents...anyone is fair game) and we will keep a running tally, ultimately awarding one lucky, lucky person our Blithering Idiot Award. So many to choose from...what's a sports fan to do?

Our crystal shirts are moving quickly - don't forget to check out the SHOP page on our website to see all the cool designs that are worn by the likes of Eva Longoria, Holly Robinson-Peete among other fashionistas.

We will be recording a special episode before we leave on our Fantoo Girls road trip which - should we survive - will have us front and center for the NASCAR All-Star race at the Lowe's Speedway in Charlotte on May 20th. We will be taking our Ben Wallace Bobble Head doll along for the ride, visiting some hot boutiques allong the way, snapping many photos and recording tid bits to entertain. If we need bail money can we count on you?

Before you answer maybe you ought to take a listen to The Girls...

The Girls are coming to you live from inside John Daly, and let's just say it ain't pretty in here. After narrowly escaping with our health intact, Robin sets sail to crank call land where she pays off her debt by frightening an unsuspecting victim, all while wearing her birthday tiara.

We run the bases with the MLB, crack open our Beer of the Week, take one sip and nearly cry, and decide there's no time like the present to salute the Stanley Cup and its storied life in our Fan-Tutor Tip.

Playoffs in the NHL and the NBA continue to entertain us. The speed, the passion, the HAIR! The rookies, the shutouts, the refs - there isn't much these playoffs don't give us sports fans.

What's not entertaining? You'll find out in the IT HAS TO BE SAID of the week.

Grab your robe, your best red afro, and cuddle up with The Girls for a special birthday episode of Fantoo Girls!

Happy Birthday Robin!