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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sports is a RIOT with The Girls!

The Girls are still recovering from a wacky world in the NFL this past weekend, not to mention the wilding that took place on the field during the Miami/FIU game. Seriously, is it really called Florida International University? Now that's stretching it a bit, no? At least they responded with an apt punishment for such horrendous behavior. Let's just remember boys - families are watching this stuff - it's not all about you. Personally, we feel they should be subjected to 150 hours of Sesame Street and forced to wash that down with Pabst. That ought to teach them and make them sick at the same time.

While in recovery, we are making time to watch the MLB Playoffs, and they have not disappointed us. You have every flavor here - the sweep, the dog fight, the pitching showdown, the rain delay. It's all there and soon, very soon, we will find out who will take on the heavily rested Tigers. Funny thing, we did find the meaning in baseball this year. It's a near perfect sport, there are some amazingly talented players, and it's got its fair share of the drama. Even though our team is out, we are in.

Speaking of playoffs - we have to speed off to watch them. Episode 44 will be up at midnight, so rest up! Here's a preview...

Sports is a RIOT with The Girls!

The Girls are coming to you live from the pep section of the Orange Bowl where we try in vain to encourage sharing and love for the fellow player while our arch nemesis, Lamar Thomas, yells, "Off with your helmets, and does anybody need a former football analyst cuz I am about to get my booty booted right on outta here!" To which we replied: "That is just not the Fantoo way Lamar. Somebody needs a time out."

And then we got out of there straight away...there's actual sporting events to watch!

It's coming down to the wire for the Mets and the Cardinals, while those Tigers are all curled up in their lairs lapping up sunflower seeds. Will they come out hungry or rusty? Before we see, we find out who The Girls pick to face those kitties. Then, deciding we are a bit thirsty on the early side today, we jump head-first into our Beer of the Week. As the saying goes, we didn't know Monkeys could kick so hard. We'll leave it at that, but you must listen if you want to find out about a beer that does it's job with very little wasted effort, if any.

After getting all tingly, we head over to the NFL where we find many who participate in the "for amusement only" pools so not amused. Week 6 did not disappoint if you are into biting your nails. From Dennis "Bust-a-Vein" Green to Andy "Flav-o-Flav" Reid, coaches nearly didn't make it out alive.

While we could spend all day there, we have to make a mad dash to NASCAR. We hit the midway point of the Chase and Mark Martin hit the wall entirely too hard. But what a gentleman - he may not win the Chase but he has won our respect. In closing with the IT HAS TO BE SAID, The Girls take the side of ScienTOMogy.

So, grab your bail bondsman - we might need him, your favorite wench and a nice stein of Tripel, it's time to go all retro with The Girls.

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