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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Resolutions, Libations and Playoffs with The Girls!

Happy Holidays from The Girls!

We trust you ate up this past weekend's offerings of sports and are taking in some of the fine end-of-year programming to hold you over till the grand finale of the NFL's regular season play. We are beside ourselves with anticipation. Yet, at the same time, not wanting the day to arrive when the regular season ends because then it is only mere weeks till football leaves us for it's off-season. Thanks gooodness pitchers and catchers are on deck in 7 weeks! Never a moment to rest in the world of sports.

Rest assured we will be spending the entire week between Christmas and New Year's taking in as many games as we can before the world gets back to normal and we can't lay around all day watching reruns of Super Bowls and staying up late for west coast hockey games. Till then, enjoy the rest of 2006 and above all enjoy this week's episode. We wrapped it special and it is by no means a re-gifting.

Resolutions, Libations and Playoffs with The Girls!

Today The Girls are coming to you live from ESCORP, the NEW NASCAR. In order to become a member of Entitled Stock Car Owners Rehabilitation Program one must have a sponsor, and an invitation from Brian France. Additionally, one must lack the ability to live up to the standards one imposes on all others.

Sounds like a club The Girls don't want to be a part of so we leave Brian to recruit his new posers and head on over to the paint to play with the boys of the NBA. The All-Star voting is in full swing, so please get out and VOTE! It's still fairly early in the season, but the injuries are starting to mount and Phil Jackson has begun his smack talk. Yes people, the NBA is BACK!

And the NHL is ready to make a mockery of itself if The Girls don't figure out a way to stop them. Bigger nets? What's next? America votes on the lines? Just let the guys hit each other and everything will go back to normal. Hockey is not supposed to remind one of the Nutcracker.

Just take a gander at the NFL to learn what makes a league soar in popularity. Those guys sure know how to make it work, except for the lame Pro Bowl, but one can't be perfect. 20 teams are still alive as we prepare for the last weekend of regulation play. Wow. That went fast.

As you can imagine, The Girls are beside themselves but trying to remain calm as the Philadelphia Eagles get smokin' at just the right time. Still, in this age of the NFL, anything can happen. Well, except maybe T.O. catching a pass or the Giants not bickering. Fine with us! There is a story behind each game which only points to one of the most exciting Playoffs in years. So many talented players, and so much drama, and only The Girls can bring it to you with so much pizzazz.

Closing with our IT HAS TO BE SAID, we commit to change for the better just in time for the New Year. So grab your sugar cookies, your puffy hand, and a spicy holiday brew - it's time to cheer with The Girls!


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