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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Head Butts, Baseball All-Stars and The Girls

A big huge, sporty thank you for everyone that wrote in about our super cool feature on CBS. We hear a top dog may be calling - so we're, of course, not sitting by the phone. Okay, so we are...

The point is, we appreciate the love, and appreciate the opportunity to do what we love! Sports rock. We know that, and so do you.

A little housekeping:

The crystal tees are moving brisly, so if you want to grab one this season, the time is now.

We'll be rocking New Hampshire at the NASCAR race this weekend. The last hurrah before the football season starts. Didn't the NBA and NHL Playoffs just end? My heart is racing!

Don't forget to check out Lainey's website to your right - you will soon hear that she is the authority! Period. She represents exactly what we mean by Fantoo Girls being those you want to hang with at the bar on game day. You'd buy this chick drinks all night long. Trust us. We're going to fly to Vancouver for the rights to do just that.

But before we leave...Episode 30: (Take gently, unwrap, throw up in the air and bat away like the Home Run Derby winners with their pony-arse pitches. Not that either of us could hit one...)

The Girls are coming to you live from the movie set of "I know I shouldn't be doing this but..." where athletes come to realize they ought to think, NOT act, thinks some more, NOT act, and, finally, NOT ACT!

It's a wacky sports wonderland as the World Cup gives us more than a week's worth of dish, and we bring along the Goddess of Dish - Lainey, of - to help us make sense of it all. The Three Girls take you to the pitch in the scandals of Zidane's head butt and the future of Italian soccer. From shootouts to match fixing we wrap up the wild ride that was the World Cup. It was a wild ride, one that we wish to embark upon again and again. But, alas, we will have to wait four years.

Fret not as there is much to cover in sports during these soon-to-be dog days of summer. The Tour de France heads into the mountains with uphill climbs that The Girls can only watch and never even dare to dream of ascending. Thank god for OLN.

The Beer of the Week wets our whistle as we cheer a great MLB All-Star EXHIBITION game - that The Girls have made very clear should not affect the home field advantage of the playoffs. Yet they can't help but repeat themselves. This is the year of finding the meaning in baseball, and The Girls have come to learn that you ought to be careful what you wish for as it may tarnish your expectations. Still, with players like Bode Miller, our freshy new Rookie Look of the Week, we realize that there is hope yet for America's favorite pastime.

Okay, so we talk about Wimbledon because of Nadal and his love for fishing - seriously, it is his love for fishing! And he is a kick-arse tennis player too. But you all knew that. After many deep breaths we gear up for NASCAR and its many crazy turns. This may be the most interesting NASCAR season ever with all the rumors of who will join the ranks and who will win the tight Chase for the NEXTEL Cup.

And the IT HAS TO BE SAID will have you wondering who will sue you next! Angelina Jolie is out for one of The Girls - listen in to find out which one! So grab your hottest honey, your favorite game ball, and the cushiest couch - we're ready for you to cuddle up with The Girls!