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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Cowards, Clutch Plays, and Doppelbock with The Girls!

The Girls thank the gods for giving us the sports world outside of Philadelphia that brightens our spirits this spooky week, what with the state of affairs in our fair city. It's a fun ride as all the sports meet up, and we bid farewell to baseball till Spring.

For those who want to pose a question to Dale Earnhardt Jr., who will be smack-talking with The Girls next week as our football teams (Eagles and Redskins) come face-to-face at the Linc for an NFC showdown (which we better win or we're taking the dive from the press box), email us or call the hotline and ask him yourself! (206) 339-4579 We'll be making bets on that game for sure! Questions accepted till midnight Tuesday.

If you haven't already snagged yourself a Fantoo tee, head on over to the SHOP page of our website and take a gander at the super soft, sexy tees for women who get the game. A perfect fit awaits.

As always, we'll be live on Sports Talk 950AM on Saturday from 9-10 AM. You can also listen to the web stream via the link at the right for Sports Talk 950. A big thanks to everyone who has written in regarding the radio show. It's been a blast, and we really appreciate hearing from you.

So, settle in and enjoy Episode 46. It will miraculously appear around midnight. Trust us, what Radar does is miraculous.

Cowards, Clutch Plays, and Doppelbock with The Girls!

The Girls are coming to you live from the floor of Congress. Let's just say they should sweep their own floor before they start trying to clean up the messes of others. Congress has enough on their plate, but their eyes are bigger than their stomachs. Move on people, the sports world can take care of itself. Given that we can't stomach Congress we move on too.

Right on over to football where we mourn our own team's pitiful loss and wonder if Peyton is going to make it all the way this year. Not if Tom Brady has his say! The injuries mount, the teams shuffle up and down the power rankings, and The Girls hand down their own picks for this weekend's play.

Then it's off to the MLB, who have given us quite a World Series to discuss. On one hand it was oh so yawn, yet on the other it was filled with wild first, wild throws and all around wildness. Something we easily identify with in our own wilding kind of way. So wild it was we had to toast them as they ride into the winter with a very yummy Italian concoction. This is one dark beer that brightens our day.

So off to NASCAR we motor. Hey! Is that debris I see you throwing out of your car? C'mon, how creative is that? With all the rules and regulations, the boys behind the wheels have to do something to get some separation, and The Girls think it's pretty cool. Illegal, but cool given that drama on the track drives us mad. As long as no one gets hurt.

As if that isn't enough to keep you entertained, we have been joined by the NHL in full swing and the NBA coming out of its shell. SuWEET! We love when the sports all mash each other, and fall is just the time for that to occur. Hockey brings us the Sabres who have finally taken a loss, the Penguins who have the hottest youngsters on ice, and it joins us with our cousins to the north who love this sport more than us - and for that The Girls love them. We get hockey - it's fast, potent, exhilarating and really super hard to play. And we get Canada - they know how to have fun in frigid temps, make s'mores, fish and camp. At least that's what we think they do. Pretty much we just love them because they are Canada, and Canada is cool.

Basketball is upon us and The Girls couldn't be happier. First it's the NBA and before you know it March Madness is here. The squeak of the sneaks is better than a latte, and we are prepared to keep you in the know so you can pick your favorite as the Miami Heat defend their title. Our Fan-Tutor gets you up to speed on the restricted zone in the NBA which has lived up to its name, much to the chagrin of the fans, and we tip you off to the new attitude of the refs. Not so warm and fuzzy are they.

After that, all one needs is a little IT HAS TO BE SAID. Maybelline look out!

So grab your leftover Halloween candy, a bold brew and some comfy sweats - it's time to hang all homey like with The Girls.