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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Girls, VooDoo Dolls, and PLAYOFF TIME!

The Girls are coming to you live from the ACME VooDoo Doll Company where we find that Billy King, Sixers GM, has put a rush on his Allen Iverson and Chris Webber dolls. Just in time to amuse himself in the off-season.

The Girls, with a little help from our friends across the pond, have solved the problem with the NBA by suggesting a drastic new, but proven, system. After patting themselves on the back, they tip you off to the upcoming must see NBA Playoff games and profile a beer that apparently has a multitude of uses, in honor of the Spurs clinching their division.

Off to the NHL Playoffs as The Girls run through the match ups and school you in the meaning of the Captain designation as the Fan-Tutor Question of the Week.

Saving the grossest for last, The Girls tell you about a dugout faux pas that still has them reeling, and on a positive note give a Rookie Look to Brian Bannister of the NY Mets who is having a brilliant start to his career.

Closing with an IT HAS TO BE SAID The Girls uncover who really is the most powerful man in the world - and it is SO not who you think. Grab a pin - for the VooDoo doll, a kleenex - trust us, and a stick of gum - for Carol, and come revel in playoffs with The Girls.