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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rabid Mascots, Spinning on the Sidelines and The Girls!

Not only has it been a big, hot week in sports, but The Girls have had some scorching news as well.

Thanks to those that make our show sound hot, and our listeners - as you are the ones that keep us fueled at the end of the day - The Fantoo Girls have been honored with the Sports Podcast of the Year Award 2006. Over 1 MILLION of you voted and we came out on top. That rocks. We couldn't be happier. Seriously, we tried to get happier and it just didn't work. Then we reflected back on the award and VIOLA - happier. It's magic.

Well, if the NBA figured out how to create a more competitive league, or the MLB decided that sixty-two thousand games a year was a bit much, maybe that would make us happier. In the interim, winning this award makes us yelp with delight!

That and having our picture in the New York Times as the number 2 Most Wanted podcast is just about as sweet as they come. We are clearly delighted, amazed, and even more commited to creating the kind of sports show that you all have asked for - entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking. Thanks to the Podcast Bunker for creating a place where podcasts can be evaluated to the degree that the New York Times listens! Now that takes some serious evaluation. It's like school all over again!

If you're awake and alert at 7:30 AM EST on Friday, August 18th, The Girls will be guests on Sports Talk 950 WPEN during the morning show. No major announcements then, but stay tuned for something really fun to be announced next week. Just us Girls holding court with some dudes that know sports. That in and of itself ought to be interesting.

So, off us and onto the podcast- we thank you from the bottom of our sporty little hearts for you patience...

The Girls are coming to you live from Mascot Training Camp, where T-Rac misses golf cart etiquette class and takes a QB out indefinitely. TO may hire T-Rac to be his new spinning coach, but our money is on Maurice Clarett making him his new bullet proof vest.

Even in the dog days of August sports is blistering hot with action. The World Basketball Championship kicks into high gear, but the other teams are going to need some serious help if they are going to douse the fire that Coach K has lit under the collective rears of the US Team. NASCAR revs up for the Chase after a difficult race at Watkins Glen. Who will land the Top 10 positions? It all comes down to finishing the race. Our Fan-Tutor takes the mystery out of the STOCK in NASCAR as we explain the nuances of car manipulation and playing within the rules.

The NFL deals with injuries galore and players talking smack as a brutal training camp winds down for most teams. The Girls run down the injuries and talk up the naughty behavior of some spoiled rookies. And then there is T.O. Thank the sports gods for him - he is a perfectly entertaining train wreck.

After marveling at some of the most intense baseball games to come down the home stretch in eons, The Girls tell you a little tale about a Rookie that is out of this world in this week's Rookie Look. It's all washed down with TWO - count em - TWO beers in The Beer of the Week. We couldn't resist.

In the IT HAS TO BE SAID The Girls talk Rapture. And we're not talking romance, we're talking End of Days. So grab your duct tape, some batteries and, of course, a BEER and curl up in the Bomb Shelter with The Girls!