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Friday, January 27, 2006

The Fantoo Girls Come To You From The ACME Groin Company!

FINALLY! It's up! Thanks for your patience. When someone like ESPN or AOL picks us up we'll be sure to podcast from whatever exotic locale we may be terrorizing ON TIME and with smiles on.

The Girls spend some time at at the ACME Groin Company where they choke down Iron City Beer while dishing with Randy Moss in Orlando, smacking Bode Miller for throwing Lance Armstrong under the bus, explaining the role of the Power Forward in the NBA, and christening Holmgren with his new nickname, closing with the IT HAS TO BE SAID of the week.

We had lots of fun hobnobbing with the sports world in Orlando and will be sure to snag many more off-the-cuff interviews with athlebrities for your listening pleasure.

Our newly booked trip to Vegas means we will not be gracing Daytona with our sporty presence, but we promise to hunt down the drivers for you no matter where they may hide.

And stay tuned for our new Sports Blind Items where we dish blindly so as not to be sued. We so don't want to be sued.

As always, your feedback is lusted after by The Girls so don't be shy. And if the Sports Spirit moves you, please write a review on iTunes in between games.

Yours in sports-
Robin and Carol

Randy Moss Goes Deep with The Fantoo Girls

Patience is a virtue and you all have it! We arrived back from a whirlwind tour of Orlando still shimmering with excitement over our exclusive interview with Randy Moss, Wide Receiver extraordinaire from the Oakland Raiders.

I know we're a day late on the podcast - and for that we apologize. To atone, we have forbidden any interruptions whilst we hole up in the studio to create a freshy for you.

So check back in mere hours and listen to Randy dish on everything from fishing to A.I. -

In sports-