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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Spleens, Fall Dreams, and Hops with The Girls!

Today the world stood still while waiting for T.O. to tell us what happened. Well, maybe the sports world and its fans. Amazing how one man can cause an entire segment of the international news and media entities to sit up and beg. Unreal power he has, and a sensitive stomach apparently. But his psyche? That's firmly intact. Okay then.

The Girls, whose psyches can run the gammut, are off to the People's Choice Podcast Awards to receive our Best Sports Podcast 2006 award. We also plan on sleeping. And watching a ton of sports. We'll be back for our Saturday morning gig on Sports Talk 950 (9-10AM ET) where we will begin counting down the minutes till Brett Favre pulls into town for Monday Night Football. Simultaneously holding our breath that the NL Wild card goes to the Phillies. You can bet there will be a beer in hand to calm our nerves.

While we're sweating we hope you all are listening to Episode 41. So much to cover - some good, some bad, some furry. It's never just another week with The Girls so c'mon - get on with it!

Spleens, Fall Dreams, and Hops with The Girls!

The Girls are coming to you live from the art department at Electronic Arts where they are creating a virtual cover boy for all future additions of Madden Football. There's not a player in their right mind - so T.O. is an option - that would take on the job after Shaun Alexander was the latest in a long list of players to suffer an injury after being featured on the cover of the popular video game. Contrary to popular belief, The Girls have not been contacted, and we would decline anyway because we are already injury prone.

Baseball gets in the full fall swing as teams lock up their post-season positions and spray themselves with champagne. In the NL the battle still wages on and will till the very end.

The play action in football gets our Fan-Tutor treatment and leads us into a very active week in the NFL. Injuries continue to mount, controversies abound, and T.O. tempts the media with another attention-grabbing headline. Who to believe? Well, the past is the perfect indicator of the future. We'll leave it at that.

Our Beer of the Week pays homage to the man who keeps all those in the sports world on their toes. We wish he was only concerned about the safeties. Our Rookie Look is all eyes on a coach who has a lot on his plate and knows how to eat Gumbo. After running the gridiron like only Mike Patterson can, The Girls take off for NASCAR where The Chase continues to create drama on the track. Dover was a fine example of taking it down to the wire.

The IT HAS TO BE SAID will have you very afraid...of stuffed animals. Yep, those plush little friends we all know and love. So, grab your best friend, be it stuffed or otherwise, a cold one, and some CHEX mix - it's time to get snackin with The Girls!