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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Betting on the Horses with The Girls

The Girls are coming to you live from Golden Gables Equine Retirement Manse and Casino where they tip back Mint Juleps and compete in that ole favorite of theirs - Curling! The horses have it quite good, and so do The Girls as they marvel at the NBA and NHL PLayoffs.

The outcomes are not what they were thought to be in many cases. The West turns the tables in both leagues, the officials are larger than life, and Shaq doesn't want anyone raining on his parade. The Rookie Look goes to Ray Emery, goalie for the Ottawa Senators, and the New Jersey Devils get toasted by The Girls with an apt brew.

The Girls make a bet on the Kentucky Derby, and launch their search for Fantoo's World Cup Special Correspondent. Are you a soccer nut who can hang with The Girls? Listen, and you'll know what to do.

After cheering the draft, The Girls call upon that magical side of themselves for the IT HAS TO BE SAID of the week. Grab your black hat and bunny, don't peek behind the curtain, and settle in for another round of Fantoo Girls.

We want to hear from our listeners their favorite crank call stories! Whoever wins this week's bet on the Kentucky Derby will select a crank call and the loser, which will be Robin, will place the call to an unsuspecting person happily ensconced in the comfort of their own home. How naughty!

We are also on the hunt for a World Cup Special Correspndent - you must know soccer, or at least be able to fake it well enough to call in reports duriing the World Cup, so email us and tell us why it should be you! A cool Fantoo hat will be sent post haste, and your new gig will be hanging with The Girls. Can you hack it?

Email carol at fantoo dot com or robin at fantoo dot com (You know where the symbols go.) with your best crank phone call or to enter our contest to be our World Cup Correspondent!

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Enjoy the podcast!