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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Upsets, Glossy Balls, and Smokin' Ales with The Girls!

The Girls survived their one year anniversary and we hope you did too. It was nice to get back in the studio and crank out a fresh episode for 2007 so we can start compiling clips for next year and drive Radar nuts. In this time of NFL Playoffs and the BCS Championship game, we want to congratulate those who have won and send our condolences to those who have not. There's always next if that makes you feel any better.

Hey, just be glad you're not Tony Romo.

The Girls are hoping for a victory for their Eagles this weekend, but we also hope that the national coverage of New Orleans will again shed some light on the fact that many families have seen no improvement in their standard of living and the worst thing that could happen is the country forgets about them. We hope you will sound off to your representatives and remind them that we are aware of the lack of progress and will remember come election day. You know we're not about politics here, but this isn't about politics, it's about people's lives.

And now, without further to do's, The Girls present you with Episode 56. It's SMOKIN!

Upsets, Glossy Balls, and Smokin' Ales with The Girls!

Today The Girls are coming to you live from the site of their new feature film - David & Goliath, A Fantoo Girls Production, where the original star, Boise State, has been dropped in favor of the omnipotent Florida Gators. The dust wasn't the only thing blowing in the desert as Florida blew the doors off Ohio State. That was one befuddled football team, and The Girls couldn't be happier. Nothing personal, we just like to see the underdogs win, and win they did.

After marveling at the total domination of the Championship Game we head on over to the pot luck of the world of sport. From mysterious deaths to mysterious hirings, there's a lot to chew on this week. All topped of by the Hall of Fame voting in the MLB. No shock there. The NBA continues to live on only in the West, and the NHL picks its All-Stars - one is still in diapers. Well, not really, but you get the point.

While all of that is truly exciting stuff, the NFL beckons - loudly. Could the Wild Card weekend have been any wilder? The Chiefs forgot their game plan, the Patriots sealed the deal with a hug, Dallas got Romo'd, and the Eagles squeaked out a win with a holder who only carries a toothbrush on the road. Now that's streamlining things, so you'll have to listen in for the full scoop.

The Fan-Tutor explains why Romo may not be completely to blame, although he will be completely blamed no matter what. Hey, it's not every day an adjective and a verb are named after you so he should just sit back and enjoy the ride. The upcoming weekend of playoff activity has The Girls near hyperventilating. It's that time of year again and we couldn't be happier.

And in this week's IT HAS TO BE SAID, The Girls send a little message to Homeland Security about something stinky. So grab Big Lo, a King Cake and a gas mask, it's time to revel in sports madness with The Girls!