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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Girls Go To The Movies

It's another tumultuous week in the world of professional sports with the NHL wanting to perform Chinese Water Torture on those who gamble with their fate, and the referees facing accusations of throwing the Super Bowl. Lots of talk about our beloved sports being fixed - from the NFL to all things Olympic. Was there ever such a thing as purity in sports, you wonder? Well, we have been wondering too. Are all sports fixed? Some? None? Speak to The Girls and let them know what sorts of conspiracy theories are out there. For those with proof a super cute Fantoo hat is on its way to you.

You can post your musings here or send us an email:

We'll throw your wildest scenarios out there during our next cast for the world to chew on.

And now for today's podcast - we had a hard time reigning ourselves in. This one is a wee bit long, but oh, so tasty...

The Girls are coming to you live from the set of the new feature film - Barely Legal - starring Vince Vaughn as Rick Tocchet, James Woods as Wayne Gretsky, and Janet Jones as herself. Unwilling to think all sports are fixed, The Girls do the Hustle to College Hoops, Tutor you in the zone defense in hockey, give praise to Chris Paul, their Rookie Look of the Week, and satisfy their quench for the Olympics with some Peroni. Skeleton is their new addiction, and the West Virginia Mountaineers their pick for the Final Four. Put another log on the fire and scoot in close for a listen to The Fantoo Girls.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Post Super Bowl Wrap Up - It Was Fun While It Lasted

Our little suprise cast for you was a bit delayed as technology once again decided to have its way with us. However, like the Pitssburgh Steelers, we were ultimately victorious. It wasn't pretty, but it was a win - for us and them.

Many think the Super Bowl was a bad football game, but I saw an entertaining game toyed with by the referees. Perhaps my view was somewhat colored by the many blowouts I have witnessed in my long career as an NFL fan, or maybe I was just glad that it wasn't the Eagles getting whipped by Pittsburgh - I may not have lived through that. But those refs - guys - chill out. Your calls were nutty. When in doubt, shhhhhhh...keep the whistle silent.

So, although there was plenty of sloppy play to go around, the teams kept us guessing till nearly the end, threw in a nice little trick play to spice things up, and left us with the memory of Jerome Bettis going out on top. Hasselbeck, Holmgren and the Seahawks will have plenty of film to review as they focus on getting back to the Bowl next year. Roethlisberger is no dummy - he knows he wasn't the reason they notched the win, but it was a win that followed 7 road games, a brutal post season of top seed upsets, and a lot of naysayers, and for that each and every Steeler should be proud.

So here's your bonus track - see you on Thursday when we get you ready for the Olympics, dig into the NBA and preview NASCAR.

Thanks for listening!