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Friday, April 07, 2006

Proof positive that the bet was paid!

Plus we threw in a little Randy Moss shot for your viewing pleasure - although saying "little" and "Randy Moss" in the same sentence is nothing short of flat out silly. That dude is LARGE!

Stay tuned for future wagers! This time around Robin is GOING DOWN!!!!!

The Girls are Shamed and Happy About it!

Okay, only one Girl is shamed, and the other gloating like someone who has won the millionth bet of her lifetime - I am telling you people, this Girl doesn't lose! And by "this Girl" I mean Robin.

While I survived my bracket bet loss to Robin, I may not survive the NBA playoffs unless these teams drink a few extra triple lattes! After the speed of college ball the NBA looks like slo mo to me.

But then comes the NFL schedule release and all seems right with the world!

Now, before you take a listen, please email us your thoughts on whether or not teams with a below .500 record should be allowed a playoff berth - in any sport. Those that impress us with their assessment will be gifted a super hot (Guys and girls flip over this hat! It's just nuts!) Fantoo cap. So, c'mon, give us what you got.

And now the reason you came...

The Girls are coming to you live from Broad Street where Carol takes her Walk of Shame for losing to Robin in the NCAA bracket bet.

Philadelphia doesn't care that the Apocalypse is coming, The Girls don't care about the steroid investigation, and Carol takes her punishment like the lady she is, vowing to settle the score with Robin soon.

Somehow, The Girls are able top find pleasure in the NBA after the fun of March Madness, they profile one of the best rookie goalies ever to guard the net in the NHL, honor the New Jersey Nets with the Beer of the Week, and make an urgent request regarding bodily functions and highways.

You will not want to miss this week's IT HAS TO BE SAID. Grab some peanuts and your glove and get ready to go nine with The Girls!

Robin and Carol

Pictures coming soon of The Walk of Shame! Check back....