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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Busted Plays, Players and Boisterous Brews with The Girls!

It's nice to know, that in spite of all the controversy surrounding sports these days, you can still get lost in the thrill of the game. There were some amazing contests this week - from the NFL to college ball, and of course baseball. Even hockey peeked around the corner with a few pre-season games for diehard fans, and their own physical conditioning. Welcome to the start of the fall sports collision. We will fall prey and find ourselves glued to whatever device it is we use to feed our jones. So, enjoy.

Our debut on Sports Talk 950 was really fun. And we didn't get fired, which was cool too. We'll be back this Saturday from 9-10AM EST at 950AM in Philly or on the web for those elsewhere. We hope you can tune in.


Following Sunday Night Football on September 24th, we will be guests on Vai Sikahema's Football in America show on NBC10 in Philadelphia. This will be a must see. Trust us.

Lastly, please check out our feature every Wednesday at the Philadelphia Eagles website titled 'XX Factor'. They too have not fired us, even though we cheered in the press box. Sorry guys!


And now we leave you with the podcast, (which will be ready for download this later this evening), but not before mentioning how much we love it when you call our listener hotline at 206-339-4579.

Busted Plays, Players and Boisterous Brews with The Girls!

Madness is the sports world. That's what we love about it. Never a dull moment to be had, even if you only follow one sport. But here at Fantoo we follow them all, so we're here to bring you the skinny while coming to you live from College Playbooks Online where Brent Musberger is eager to share with you the secrets of the collegiate gridiron. He just can't help himself.

And neither could the party crashers at Duquesne. You come packing to a dance? Get a grip - and we don't mean on a Glock.

After rolling our eyes repeatedly we run to the MLB where there is some degree of sanity at play. Juiced up sanity, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. The Mets clinch so The Girls salute them with the Beer of the Week, the Dodgers wake up LA, and the Wild Card races continue to add drama.

Our Fan-Tutor demystifies the rules governing coaches' challenges in the NFL. What it doesn't do is solve the major problems plaguing the officiating process. We're chicks, not miracle workers. Continuing on with the NFL we dish on the games and take a Rookie Look at one of the most exciting offensive players to hit the NFL in years.

NASCAR is nine tenths of the way there, and the upcoming race at Dover should be a rip-roaring RPM battle.

Closing with IT HAS TO BE SAID, The Girls are on a hunt for food and it's harder than you think. Grab your fork and knife, your best beer stein, and with your free hand, the steering wheel and come cut loose with The Girls.