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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Girls Are Multi-Lingual and Bracket Mad

Who will walk down Broad Street making a total fool out of themselves? Only you will know as you follow the madness of The Girls' brackets! Check out this week's podcast to see who is ahead and who is destined for humiliation! And now for this week's podcast...

The Girls are coming to you live from the set of T.O's new video - "I'm Back". Funny, we never thought he went away!

Free agency in the NFL has The Girls guessing where The Boys will land, Japan gets saluted with the Beer of the Week in honor of their triumphant win in the World Baseball Classic, and Channing Frye of the New York Knicks gets the Rookie Look, moments after he shreds his knee on the court.

March Madness has The Girls going out on a limb with their bracket bet while they get you ready with all you need to know to navigate the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament. They polish up their acting chops with the Fan-Tutor Tip of the Day while explaining Icing in the NHL.

Closing with IT HAS TO BE SAID, The Girls suggest choosing your tattoos carefully.

Get your face paint on and your puffy hand waving and come hang out with The Fantoo Girls.

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Here's the link for Dean McDermott's tattoo of Tori "I am so rich" Spelling!