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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Coaches Shuffle, Tampa 2 and Sparkling Ales with The Girls!

Big things are happening this week for The Girls and we are psyched to share. First, AOL has invited us to Miami to be part of their live broadcast the week prior to the Super Bowl. We, of course, said YES! And thanks for thinking of us! We expect to have a blast with the Sports Bloggers Live crew and will aim to bring you some of the freshest Super Bowl commentary going. Radio Row will never be the same.

We also want to give you advance warning that the newly redesigned Fantoo Girls website will launch on Monday, January 29th to coincide with our first live broadcast on AOL. It'll look a little different, give you more of what you want, and let us really go nuts with our blog. Suweet!

Bored on a Saturday morning? Check us out on Sports Talk 950AM in Philadelphia or streaming on the web as we take to the airwaves from 8-10AM. This week's target? Drama-makers and those who love them.

And, we will continue writing the XX Factor feature for the Philadelphia Eagles every Wednesday during the off-season. We hope to announce some new endeavors with them as well upon our return. Maybe one day they'll let us dress up in Swoop's costume and run down Broad Street. Girls can dream...

So, here is what you came for - Episode 58. As is the norm, it will be up by midnight once Radar has his way with it. Given that it will be fairly worked over, please be gentle. Podcasts can be so sensitive.

Coaches Shuffle, Tampa 2 and Sparkling Ales with The Girls!

Today The Girls are coming to you live from the Fantoo Girls World Headquarters, home of the elaborate recording studio and water park, to announce to the World (and Xenu if they are listening) that we will be broadcasting LIVE for AOL from Miami the week of January 29th through February 2nd to get you all ready for the Super Bowl. We will leave no grain of sand unturned, no Mojito untouched, and no athlete safe from our unique analysis. Hopefully we'll keep ourselves out of trouble - we don't want to join any of the Bengals who apparently like getting booked.

So the real question is, what's NOT happening in the world of sport these days? Parcells retires and swims off into the deep blue with his school of Yellowtail, Michael Vick gets off the hook because he already smoked the pot (allegedly, or kidding!, whichever keeps us from getting sued), Jonathan Joseph isn't so lucky, Nadal gets spanked, and the NHL takes us back to Studio 54 with the launching of their new uniforms.

We can barely contain ourselves.

NASCAR tweaks the rules and Harvick opens mouth and inserts foot, Cam Cameron says, "Cam Cameron is happy to be here in Miami.", and Lane Kifflin kicks the binky habit and assures us in his most enthusiastic voice that he is taking Oakland by storm. Wow - and that's not even the full run down.

Of course we spend some time reflecting on the spanking in Chicago and the squeaker in Indy, and we look ahead to the Super Bowl for a brief moment - there's plenty of time to dissect that one to death over the coming days. In our Fan-Tutor we cover the Tampa 2 which was developed by Mr. Tony Dungy himself and his loyal sidekick Lovie Smith. We'll see if there is any lovie going round come the big game.

After our gridiron fix we hop on over to the NBA where Melo and AI have run through the tall grass, embraced and succeeded in making those who question the ability of one ball to satisfy both their desires look like boneheads. Nice work boys! We believed in you since day one! The Suns and the Mavs continue to terrorize any team that dares face them on the court, while the Heat cool off and rest till the final countdown. Why play in the East anyway???

And, finally, in this week's IT HAS TO BE SAID, The Girls encourage you to know for sure that the guy doing the tattoo roots for the same team as you. So grab your Mojito, a nice Cuban sandwich and find yourself a sweet palm tree to lay under - it's time to soak up the sun with The Girls!


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