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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Fantoo Girls Get You Ready For The Super Bowl

Robin and I can barely contain ourselves as the Super Bowl approaches. And apparently neither can Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens as they steal the spotlight yet again. Donovan claims T.O.'s comment about Brett Favre being a better quarterback fit during the season was a "black on black" crime.

The Fantoo Girls think you guys need to just settle down! Crime? No, D Mac, TO was saying that the - at that time - pitiful Brett Favre would be a better option in the huddle than you. Not because you are black, but because he thinks you stink as a quarterback. Could we PLEASE put this race thing to bed? We used to think you were being unfairly targeted by the media, but now we are beginning to think you want to hide behind the card.

Donovan - please forget the past - the whole past, and focus on playing football.

T.O. - giggle at the fact that teams think they can actually "manage" you and know deep down inside that you will enter the locker room of the team who sells their soul to the Devil to acquire you and dismantle it smelly sock by smelly sock.

The Girls will watch with utter glee whilst sipping "I Told You So-tinis".

Now to this week's episode -

The Girls hunker down outside the jail soon to house Nathan Mallett - fashion maven and field stormer - to collect donations for a TIVO so he can watch the Bowl despite the Judge's orders!

The Girls' tastebuds are pleasantly surprised by Red Hook IPA, their brains are all a tizz over Brett Favre's shocking news, and Arena Ball grabs em by the - um, neck. Lofa Tatupu lands the Rookie Look of the Week as The Girls get ready for game day by tutoring you in the 3-4 Defense. Texas A&M is in their sights during the IT HAS TO BE SAID of the week.

Cuddle up with The Fantoo Girls.