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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Balls, Bats and Beer with The Girls!

Sometimes we at Fantoo get all giddy about the fact that our business is sports. We can justify to family and friends that we HAVE to watch that game or sit still for all of Sports Center because the success of our company relies upon it. In fact, what we are really doing is just following our passion. We'd figure out a way to take it all in even if we weren't "in the biz" as anyone but us is prone to say. (We just think we sneezed on a clover and somehow got to be professional sports fans.)

But it's days like today that remind us that we are just people, athletes included, all prone to having ups and downs and in disastrous situations, becoming the victims of tragedy. While the sports world spins on one access, the regular world spins on another, yet the two intersect at such poignant times. So here, in the throws of the MLB Playoffs, we say goodbye to Cory Lidle, pitcher for the New York Yankees, who tragically died today while pursuing his passion of flying.

Our thoughts are with his family, the family of the New York Yankees, and all of the MLB. The fans will sadly send him off, as they have those who passed before him. And perhaps the energy at Yankee Stadium will soften a bit in the coming months as we are reminded that those who entertain us on the field are people off it.

This podcast goes out to those who follow their passion.

The Girls are coming to you live from RAMP-GATE, where several thousand fans who behaved like model citizens became undone in the sway of a ramp. Hmmmm...wonder if it had anything to do with a 4:15 start time and plenty of suds? No matter, the Eagles took the W. Had they lost, that ramp would have come down for sure!

The Girls and Philadelphia have settled into the afterglow of a must-win against the Dallas T.O. Boys and turn their eyes towards the many events coming at us in these coming weeks of sports madness. The Playoffs are in full swing in the MLB. After the Tigers drained Detroit of all their champagne and stuffed the pockets of those in the dry cleaning biz, they took one from the Athletics with ease. Will they stroll to the Championship? Ponder that with us, as we discuss the match ups, injuries and athletic prowess of the Boys of Summer as they breathe the air of Fall.

Although baseball is so hard to leave this time of year, we find ourselves with a beer in hand that we never dreamt we would drink and look back on a bump-nasty NASCAR race that leaves us wondering how any of them can get along. As each race passes we are sure to witness the affects of the Chase. It's not just tight in the turns!

With our bumpers intact we rush to the NFL where some stay undefeated and some are just down right defeated. This is one of the more interesting seasons playing out in football. Will Indy crumble? Will Chicago go all retro and redo the Shuffle? Will T.O. blow? Could somebody, anybody, please kidnap Randy Moss? Our Fan-Tutor will have you spotting the D in a whole new light as we take you on the inside of the 3-4, 4-3. Equipped with that knowledge you are sure to rule the roost in your office pool. So get picking! And we can't possibly leave you without a little ice talk. The Girls love hockey and are really excited for this coming season.

Closing with IT HAS TO BE SAID, we'll clue you in as to why it's important to wear cotton. So grab your passport, some face paint and a GPS and get ready to teleport away to a place where it's all sports all the time with The Girls!

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