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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Chases, Playoffs, and Treats with The Girls

It's scary out there - you never know when a 7-foot member of a S.W.A.T. team is going to bust down your door! The Girls provide you with Episode 45 to get you set for the ghoulish weekend ahead.

The Girls are coming to you live from the home of the innocent family terrorized by Officer Shaq-Attack, where by God, next time he blows down their door they are at least getting a signed jersey and a pair of sneaks. Hmmm...Shaq...armed...storming into homes...something's not right there. So we bolt. Not as fast as the marathon runner from Chicago though. We know how to pace ourselves.

In addition to being in the full swing of Playoffs, MLB also managed to sign a labor agreement a full two months before the expiration of the current one. To that The Girls say KUDOS! Goes to show it can, in fact, be done. Yes, that's right, things need not get so ugly. The Playoffs have been all about pitching, which is fine with us because these are some really talented pitchers. Even if one or more is, shall we say, assisted by a mysterious smudge. No matter, the games have been fun to watch, and it's not a given that the favored Tigers will snare the win.

We have chosen an apropos beer for our Beer of the Week in honor of the aforementioned smudge, one that pays homage to a dirty guy from the past. Thirst quenched we hit the gridiron for a look back at Week 7 and refuse to call Week 8.

We're still trying to unravel the many mysteries so far this season. The NFL has never been such a drama queen. From the upsets to the injuries to the antics, 2006 has been a banner year for football fodder. T.O. will have to shelve "T.O. Learns How To Negotiate a Win-Win." May it not stop anytime soon, but may our team start winning.

It wouldn't be a cold day without a trip to the rink, so we head over to the newly speedy and penalty-laden NHL. It's going to be the new drinking game - every time a penalty is called you tip. Soon, the NHL will be the top rated program among that hard-to-reach collegiate demographic. Of course, we wouldn't be inclined to participate. No. Anything but that.

The Fan-Tutor helps to explain why the whistle seems to blow with every slice of a skate, which isn't going to make you feel any better, but at least you'll be smarter. And it's coming down to the wire in the Chase for the NEXTEL Cup. 4 to go and not a clear leader, only guesses. This time of year it almost doesn't matter what track they're on, each race can mean win-or- place so the racing is throttling. Make some time for it.

Our IT HAS TO BE SAID is something we've felt for awhile but never had the opportunity to share, until now. This guy needs to keep eating so we can be free of him sooner. So grab your mini-Snickers, your mask, and a Wicked Witch, it's time to go trick or treating with The Girls.