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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Leaks, Chases and back to School with the Girls!

Robin is back from her George Bush-like vacation and in the elaborate recording studio – just in time!

The world of sports is sometimes complicated and, if you're the Cowboys' Jerry Jones, you need to consult with the crack team at Leaks R' Us to figure out who is trying blow up the fragile relationship between TO and the Tuna. I think Jones better save his cash, as we all know the media hog who will most likely be doing crunches on his driveway for the season opener, TO, naturally, is the culprit.

Tom Cruise asks 'First and Goal' to show him the money and they agree. Up next, a Snyder/Wagner/Cruise production: 'Mission Implausible - Redskins in February' - starring Tom Cruise as a Redskins RB (he is the right size!).

The US Open is in the early stages, but we hope Agassi will be the toast of the party for the entire two weeks as he prepares to retire (we think). And of the Andy Roddick/Maria Sharapova love match? We’ve heard ‘Rodapova’, but we’d like to introduce ‘Sharapoddick’, in keeping with the impossible-to-pronounce Russian names in the tournament.

Our Rookie Look, the 19-year-old Marco Andretti, shows his lineage by dusting the competition at Sonoma to become the youngest IndyCar winner in history. Too bad he had to toast the win with sparkling cider!

The Fantoo Girls toast Carson Palmer and his bionic knee in his opener against the hapless Packers with a delicious Pranqster beer…those warm fuzzy football feelings carry us into our COLLEGE BALL PREVIEW, where there are plenty of grudge matches, fantasy speculations, and rule changes to go around. The Girls help you sympathize with the angry coaching staffs ‘round the nation by dissecting the new rules with a fan-tutor fresh in from San Diego.

And as NASCAR needs Justin Timberlake to bring the sexy back after a snoozer in Bristol, we find that the Wild Card race in the MLB has all we need to keep is interested – even without amphetamines!

The Girls salute the little league champs from Georgia on their defeat of the Japanese team. Next year, though, let’s keep it G-rated, on radio and REAL.

The USA Basketball team is anything but inconspicuous as they slaughter the competition and snag that Q-final berth. U-S-A!!

And our It Has To Be Said is reserved for another highly conspicuous ‘player’ who maybe should have been a little less so. Didn’t he know that a red vehicle is the color ‘most pulled over’ by the cops?

So grab your favorite brew, settle in and satisfy your jones for the Fantoo Girls.