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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lawsuits, Last-Second Kicks and Libations with The Girls!

Yes, it's that time again - another episode of the Fantoo Girls! This is episode 51, which is like Area 51 but different. We're not hiding aliens, but we are hoping to see one some day.

Is there anything to discuss besides the BCS this week in sports? We think yes, because no matter what we all say there is a reason why the BCS people/monarchs/computers/nutjobs are unreasonable. We can hope for playoffs just like parents can hope their student-athletes attend class. It's like hoping winter never hits. Ain't gonna happen. But hopefully some brazen reporter will get to the bottom of why it is the way it is. Calling Andy Rooney!

On other fronts, The Girls have been rewarded for their good behavior on Sports Talk 950 with an additional hour on Saturday mornings to insure you start your weekend off on the right cleat. We're thrilled, and we want to thank all the listeners who picketed the station. Apparently they can read. So now we are on from 8-10AM every Saturday. Come listen in...

Kris Kringle stopped by to fill his order for Fantoo gear - make sure you get yours in time for the holidays. Visit the SHOP page on the Fantoo website. If you hurry we can guarantee shipment in time for the holidays, and we'll throw in a cool but hot Fantoo hat. Everybody has to TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM sometime!

And now, without pause, press play. It's here, it's a beauty and it wants you!

Lawsuits, Last-Second Kicks and Libations with The Girls!

Today The Girls are coming to you live from the Mackerel Hotel, right next door to the Dolphin Hotel where the brass and Bonds are gathering for those illustrious winter meetings where deals are brokered and backs are scratched. There's so much posing going on that The Girls can only hang long enough to spot Bond's massive cranium before high-tailing it out of there to catch up with sports in season.

The NFL continues to entertain as we come closer to the Playoffs. A mere four games separates us from the time where some of us hang up our jerseys and others book trips to Miami. No team is a lock, which will make for some exciting games come late December. The Girls will be with you every step of the way. Our Fan-Tutor is all about the fade, and nobody knows more about that this week than the Philadelphia Eagles own Lito Sheppard.

After a little schooling we crack a brewski and toast another captivating NASCAR Awards banquet. Maybe next year they should just bag the banquet and gather on the shores of Lake Norman, throw a BBQ and hand out icy cold ones. Many came, some laughed, Kyle Busch's girlfriend cried - it was just a rockin good time.

While we all sit in wait for some serious moves to be made on the MLB front, the NHL and the NBA provide for some interesting fireside chats. The Players Association stands up to Commissioner Stern, calling for the old ball and the refs to lay off. The Girls stand tall with the players and hope the NBA focuses on real issues like getting teams to play both offense AND defense. Otherwise we are going to sue!

And in this week's IT HAS TO BE SAID, we count down the minutes to Comedy Central's new animated series which will be MUST SEE TV especially in the upcoming election year. So grab your wrapping paper, some twinkly lights and a snack, it's time to get all holiday-like with The Girls!


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