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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Proposals, Anniversaries, and PLAYOFFS with The Girls!

This episode is very special - it's our gift to you for hanging out with us for an entire year. We have had such a blast bringing you the world of sports in our own off-beat way and could think of no better way to celebrate one year of the Fantoo Girls than with a "best of" edition - with some current sports happening thrown in because we just can't stop ourselves. Seriously, it's the NFL Playoffs. We can barely stop talking about them!

It's quite wild to think that one year ago we sat down in the elaborate recording studio and started this big fat ball rolling. From the Olympics to the Tour de France to steroids to Bryant Gumble, it has been a heck of a ride. A dream come true really. And it's just beginning. 2007 will be a very busy year for The Girls and all our efforts will be designed to bring you the coolest of the world of sports in the only way we know how - with a beer in one hand and tissues in the other to mop up the tears of laughter as we poke and prod those who give us reasn to do so. As we say, no one is safe from The Girls.

A big thank you to our listeners, families, Radar, the Philadelphia Eagles, Sports Talk 950 and the William Morris Agency (yes, that's you Jason, you little Jets fan!) for sticking with us, believing in us and keeping us in line. And now, with large fanfare, we give you Episode 55. It's big and juicy and appparently might make you excrete body fluids. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Proposals, Anniversaries, and PLAYOFFS with The Girls!

Today The Girls are coming to you live from under the credenza in the broadcast booth of the NFL Network where we are seeking the mysterious burper who struck during the Redskins V. Giants game. We want to shake that man or woman's hand because they single-handedly got Bryant Gumble and Chris Collingsworth to take responsibility for something. Sort of. Technically they denied the burp, but at least they admitted that their production team had left a mic open somewhere - that counts, doesn't it?

We couldn't stay down there another minute because we were mere seconds away from ticking off the many faux pas' of Mr. Gumble's since game one. People have done less and have not been seen since so we decide not to risk it. Besides, it's the one year anniversary of the Fantoo Girls! We have a party to go to! And you're coming along with us for the ride. It's going to be a freewheeling, laugh-inducing look back on our favorite segments from the past year of sports - Fantoo style. Radar and The Girls have picked out their favs and will drop them on you one by one as we get you ready for the NFL Playoffs.

The Girls couldn't have asked for a crazier year from the NFL. Even the bad teams were fun to watch. And when the NFL Network joined the fray it got even funnier! If your team isn't in it we'll give you a reason to still care. The football is going to be physical and brutal and the one-and-done competition makes for some serious butterflies. This will all lead us to the promised land that is Miami come February so enjoy it while it is still here. Soon we'll be moaning about how long the NBA season is and when mini-camps start.

The Girls also weigh in on the BCS debacle that gave us 672 Bowl games and no rhyme or reason. But we did get a proposal on national television - nothing like letting the emotion sweep you away.

This week's IT HAS TO BE SAID asks that age-old question: Is anybody out there?

We don't hit all the sports this week because for the most part this episode is a time for us to look back and laugh our respective body parts off at the best of 2006. But don't fear, the world of sports will be back at our beck and call in one week's time. So, grab a diaper (we understand it's necessary), some champagne, and definitely some tissues - it's time to toast our One Year Anniversary!


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