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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Girls Hit Radio and The Sports World Cranks Up!

The Girls are psyched to announce that WPEN Sports Talk 950AM has jumped into the deep end and offered us a radio show. We said, "Are you sure?" They said, "Better say yes now before we come to our senses!" So we said yes, as long as we can do the Beer of the Week. We will debut on September 16th from 9:00AM - 10:00AM EST. We hope you can all tune in on the radio or via the internet for another dose of Fantoo Girls - LIVE.


Without further fan-fare and in light of the fact that we can't top the above with any further insight into our rather pedestrian but fun lives, we give you Episode 36. Fully cooked and ready to eat:

Kick-offs, Wild Cards and World Domination with The Girls!

Today we are coming to you live from Gumbel-gate, where Bryant Gumbel got in bed with the WRONG entity. Get out now Bryant, Real Sports needs to remain impartial, and there are way too many play-by-play guys who can do the job. And girls for that matter.

Speaking of NFL, it has been a hopping pre-season so far. Some tremendous play, some brutal injuries, and some supremely childish behavior. Surprised? Didn't think so. One bright star is a running back highlighted in our Rookie Look. He keeps it simple in his head and complicates the lives of defenses on the field. Our Fan-Tutor is going to pull away the curtain on a maneuver we see kickers do all the time, but never stopped to ask why. A loyal listener did and our answer comes courtesy of a former NFL player!

While we could go on and on with all the happenings on the gridiron, the track at Bristol is screaming out for attention, and attention it will get this Saturday night as the slugfest known as NASCAR floors it into town to settle scores and secure points. This is the must see race of the summer, and The Girls will be glued to the screen for every moment. Who says August is boring!

From the Chase for the Cup to the Wild Card Race - we are flat out exhausted! The MLB is heating up as teams fight for those Wild Cards, players leave it all on the field, and the entire city of Boston seeks counseling. The games have been amazing and The Girls will cover some key match ups and interesting trades as we tick off the days till the Playoffs. While those Playoffs are weeks away, things are in full swing in the World Basketball Championships, and Team USA is in full-court press mode every minute. Coach K and his team of talented superstar/utility players has shown the world that this is a different USA with a different strategy. A smokin strategy if you ask us.

Closing with the IT HAS TO BE SAID, The Girls beg for someone to stop the madness that is dumb trends - but one in particular has them stymied. Please. Make em stop. So grab your own personal style, your clicker, and some BBQ and get ready to close out the summer with The Girls. You bring the beer.