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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bullying Mascots, Blue Moons and The Girls!

Who's not doping? That's the real question here! It's been a surpising week of events with the elimination of the favorites in the Tour de France and the continued saga in the MLB. It's amazing any games get played, but thank god they do. There have been some mighty match ups in all sports this week, and we had an NBA draft for the ages. We're still trying to track who went where. We don't even think some of the players know what team they are on.

The Girls are waiting for your calls at our new listener hot line - 206-339-4579. And this week, in preparation for a VERY special and informed guest, we urge you to give us a ring. Lainey, of Lainey Gossip, the most in-the-know celebrity gossip goddess (who happens to also know sports better than any chick we know - and we know a lot of sports savvy chicks!) will join us to dish on the celebrities/athletes that make our sports world go round. Call the hotline with your questions and we'll deliver them right to the source. While you're here click on the LaineyGossip link to the right and prepare to spend days reading her poetic and prophetic prose.

For those in the local Philly area, The Girls will be on CBS3 News at 11:00PM this coming Monday, July 10th. We're ready for our close up Mr. DeMille! You'll get to see the elaborate recording studio and everything! Expect us to be on our best sporty behavior - which means no yelling at Billy King to build a winning team around Allen Iverson.

And now I give you Episode 29. (Take gently, unwrap and hop on right foot with glee, then hit the ground and do your best imitation of a World Cup dive.)

The Girls are coming to you live from Chicago where they've brought Ben Wallace to the Bulls to defend against the opponents and Benny the Bull, who has a career in boxing after his mascot days are over.

The Girls have given themselves over to the World Cup completely. It may not be a sport we grew up watching, but we'll grow old watching it. The drama, the fans, the athletes and their fancy footwork all make this an event to savor - with some tasty brew of course. The Beer of the Week is just the thirst-quencher we need to keep pace with the Tour de France. It's been a wild ride, and were not even talking about the race itself. Come get your Fan-Tutor on all the terms you need to know to enjoy this incredible race.

The MLB All-Star game has The Girls in knots as they debate the validity of the voting process and wonder how Jim Thome didn't even make it on the ballot! Something must be done. But not before we marvel at Tony Stewart's athleticism. He can climb fences faster than weeds! And Wimbeldon gets interesting even for Carol as a streaker takes to the grass - now THAT's entertainment! Those Brits sure do like to strip.

We close with an IT HAS TO BE SAID that really must be said, and hopefully is being debated across the country. Let's stick to terra firma boys!

So grab your bobble couch, a sparkler or two and some s'mores - it's time to sit fireside with The Girls. We missed you!