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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Spitting, Smacking and Holiday Cheer with The Girls!

Where do we begin? On the court at the Garden? In Denver? Atlanta? Chicago? Or, if we were to focus on actual athletics, San Diego? The Meadowlands? New Orleans? The sports world never leaves us searching for fodder, now does it? Good thing, because that is what lights our world. That and the big fat Fantoo tree we erected in the eleborate recording studio, complete with honorary balls dedicated to those we love, and those we love to make fun of. (The Girls aren't capable of hate. Just not in the makeup.)

We know you all will be very busy enjoying the holidays with your families and we wish you the best of times. If you can squeeze in the podcast, know that we are truly appreciative. A big fat thank you for the tons of t-shirt orders the Fantoo elves processed and all the words of praise we have received of late. We hope the ladies love the tees and know that we reread the kind expressions daily. Over and over. We're actually a bit concerned about our need to do this, but we're too busy to deal with it.

It's been an amazing year here at Fantoo and The Girls have enjoyed the wild ride with all of you.

A very special thanks goes out to Radar whose tireless dedication and spectacular results never go unnoticed. We simply wouldn't be nearly as funny, smart or endearing with him. Radar, you rock.

And now we gift you Episode 53. It's chock full of little presents for you. Just rip it open, no need to be well-mannered.

Happy Holidays from The Girls!

Spitting, Smacking and Holiday Cheer with The Girls!

The Girls are coming to you live from the new wrestling federation called the WWNBA! It's a hybrid of wrestling, boxing, basketball and good old-fashioned bad sportsmanship. Sure to be a hit in such cities as New York and Detroit. Poor David Stern, he just can't catch a break. And Carmelo Anthony will have to defend his "punch and run" for years to come. Maybe the arrival of A.I. will take some of the heat off as A.I. is known to attract a wee bit of attention.

Before we launch into the NFL, we can't ignore the ineptitude of Bryant Gumble. Clearly The Girls know football better than he does, so we have promptly offered our services to the NFL Network. Um, they haven't yet replied, although we did get a message left by someone whose voice was so scratchy we couldn't quite decipher the words. We'll keep you posted.

In the mean time, the NFL heats up as the Playoffs loom. Some teams are in and some teams still have something to prove. 2006 has yet to give us a weekend that didn't have at least one complete and total surprise outcome. When things look boring with your team just tune into the Titans. It MUST be the uniforms. Powder blue must confuse the opponent. And having Vince Young doesn't hurt.

The Pro Bowl roster was announced and lookie who didn't make it... TO must not have given cool enough goodie bags away at his little birthday party to warrant the votes. The Girls think this will sting for some time.

The Beer of the Week helps us navigate that Playoff picture and gets us battle ready to take our hits for miscalling the Matsuzaka signing. The Girls humbly beg your forgiveness. We blew it, and it won't be the last time. MLB will be a bit quiet till February, but there is still Zito to deal with so we'll keep you posted.

The NHL has its power teams, but is not without its problems. The Girls give you the skinny on what will be the hot topic at the General Manager meetings in Florida come February.

And the NBA is just flush with stories this week. From Allen Iverson's trade to Denver, Carmelo Anthony's benching (and apparent total fear of his mother's punishment too), and the fierce play of the Phoenix Suns and the Chicago Bulls, The Girls could have spent an entire hour on the court alone.

It's a mad, mad sports world people, and we are here to give it to you straight. The IT HAS TO BE SAID this week is a simple and timeless wish from us to you. So grab your stocking, some mistletoe, and a bright and shiny Christmas ball, it's time to get all holiday-like with The Girls!