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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Girls Hit The Rugged Trail!

Greetings from Raleigh, North Carolina! No arrests, many photo ops with our Ben Wallace bobblehead doll, and a super cool announcement to come regarding a an exclusive Fantoo apparel launch at the hottest store in Charlotte. We couldn't be more proud to be associated with them. More on that shortly.

We're off to Charlotte tomorrow where we'll be preparing to storm the studios of the Ace and TJ show and gussy ourselves up for a SPEED channel shoot that will take place on Thursday. We'll keep you posted on that as well. In and around all the hilarity, we've been keeping up with the playoffs and are simply in awe of the Cleveland Caveliers. Nice job boys! I'd say those Pistons are wondering why they are misfiring, no?

Well, even The Girls need their beauty sleep so it is time to get to this week's early edition of the Fantoo Girls! Enjoy, and as always, thanks for hanging with us.

The Girls are coming to you live from The Genealogy Institute where they are desperately seeking a genetic link between themselves and Larry Brown. There must be some way for them to get their hands on all that cash he is
going to take, um, steal from the Knicks!

Never mind Larry, there are some serious games going on in the NBA playoffs and The Girls are the ones to take you all the way to the Championship. The Fan-Tutor focuses on the big man in the NBA - the Center, and the Beer of the Week focuses The Girls on their road trip to Charlotte for the NASCAR All-Star race...bail money firmly tucked away in jeans, but may need to be used for margaritas.

The NHL East is set in stone, but the West is still alive and kickin, and The Girls keep you up to speed in the newly fast NHL. The Rookie Look might be the finest we have had all year - Cole Hamels, lefty for the Philadelphia Phillies, and we take a lap with NASCAR as Michael Waltrip Racing announces their first driver signing.

Closing with IT HAS TO BE SAID, The Girls say look out for those rookie cops! And we announce our first Blithering Idiot! Get your GPS, a spare tire, your favorite bobblehead doll and snap on the seat belt - it's going to be a wild ride!