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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ball-Gate, MVP Controversy, and NFL Mayhem with The Girls!

Happy Holidays everyone! Are you completely sick of the hoards of people on the roads and flooding the malls? If so, then you have come to the right place. The Girls' motto is lay low and watch the game. Shopping is best done online and by someone else. Driving? To and from the stadium please. In this time of chaos we hope that you all find some peace, enjoy your families (except if they root for different teams) and get rested up for Playoffs, Bowl Games and DRAMA because the sports world is going to deliver all three right to your doorstep.

We are preparing to venture into enemy territory for this week's Giants V. Eagles match up. If ther is no podcast next week you know something evil went down and we fully expect you to investigate until the mystery is solved. We're bringing food tasaters with us. Better to be prepared than poisoned!

We've been brisk and busy in the store this month! Thanks to all who have grabbed a Fantoo tee - we hope the intended recipient is thrilled. We'll be able to get them to you by Christmas if ordered by December 19th. Hats for all orders this holday season!

And now, we hand you the perfectly wrapped present that is Episode 52. Somehow we have done 52 Episodes in less than one year. We're calling Stephen Hawking to try and figure that one out. Our One Year Anniversary is January 5th and we are planning a montage that will require all listeners to wear a diaper. We swear. So plan in advance. And a big fat thanks to Radar for a year of hard work, dedication and outrageous humor. Only he can hang with The Girls for a year and live to tell the tale. We're certain a tell-all book will hit the shelves soon. And now on with the show...

Ball-Gate, MVP Controversy, and NFL Mayhem with The Girls!

Today The Girls are coming to you live from the New Years' Resolution Headquarters where NBA commissioner, David Stern, is swearing off microfiber. Wow, how's that for a blunder? Let's make a new ball even though the old ball is fine and not tell anyone about it or let them test it out and then force them to use it because they have proven in the past to be so willing to do what we say! Yep. Bonehead. They say the ball was tested by every NBA team, but they failed to mention it was the mascots doing the testing. Typical of a league that struggles to get the majority of their teams above .500. Nothing a few laser shows can't fix!

So, we bail on the sinking ship and dig into the fat pie that is the NFL. No need for additional drama there. This league knows how to keep us on the edge of our seats, even if it does involve cheating! So says the Palm Beach Post anyway. The Girls just love a controversy so we milk it for all it's worth. Get all espionage with us as we ponder Saban-gate. In addition to that tidbit, The Girls disagree (shocking!) on who should get the MVP nod. It's time for a smackdown in the elaborate recording studio.

After cruising the league The Girls pop a cold one in celebration of their 52nd Episode and delve into the MLB Hot Stove League. Was Matsuzaka merely a pawn in the Red Sox - Yankees feud or will he really make it to the USA? Will Pettitte bring back the magic to the Yankees? Is Freddie Garcia all the Phillies need to FINALLY make it back to the post season? We ponder these questions and more before dabbling in the NHL. Our Fan-Tutor covers an often referenced but slightly misunderstood stat from the land of pucks and sticks.

And we wrap it all up with the big red bow known as the NBA. Of course, Allen Iverson dominates the talk as he sits home reading Shakespeare waiting for the phone to ring. We miss you A.I.!

The IT HAS TO BE SAID is a perfect How To for the Holidays. So grab your decoder ring, James Bond, and a perfect martini - it's time to go under cover with The Girls!


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