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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Girls' Spank, Beckham Bends, and MLB Implodes

And here we thought summer would bring on the ho-hum of sports. Not a chance! We couldn't even get into it all in this week's podcast and are seriously considering crashing your living rooms, bars - or where ever you listen to The Girls, twice a week! Weigh in on that move and more by calling our new Listener Hot Line at 206-339-4579. Tips, rumors, comments, fawning praise, you can leave it all on there, and the tastiest ones we'll play on the air!

In the interim, snuggle up with us as we explore the wide world of sports in the elaborate recording studio - home to The Girls.

Episode 28:

The Girls are coming to you live from the war room at Duke University where the powers that be try to shake the karmic cloud that hovers over their illustrious campus. Before getting caught up in all that gray matter, The Girls high tail it over to Germany to check out the outrageous play that is the World Cup and wonder how the hooligans crashed the Ascot Races. Feathers flew as England's snootiest gathered to watch their horses run.

Ronaldo is honored with our Beer of the Week - he is on top of the world and loving the new ball as he hits 15 World Cup goals!

It's bend over and drop your pinstripes time for baseball as The Girls let loose on the Philadelphia Phillies, Brett Myers, and Bud Selig. SOMEONE STOP THE MADNESS! Alay Soler does, and as a result The Girls honor him with the Rookie Look of the Week. It's funny what a little sacrifice does to the soul.

Wimbledon beckons, and The Girls respond with a Fan-Tutor that insures you will enjoy watching the volley. After a spin with NASCAR we close with the final IT HAS TO BE SAID. Sort of. Maybe. Well, okay, we'll bring it back. Only if you call the Fantoo Girls listener hotline at 206-339-4579!

Grab your phone, protect your face, and look out for those crazy hooligans as you sidle up to the bar with The Girls.