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Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Girls Get Candid with Bill Bavasi, GM of the Seattle Mariners

We have a special holiday episode of the Fantoo Girls - an exclusive interview with Bill Bavasi. So let us step out of your way and let Bill take over!

Bill Bavasi, General Manager of the Seattle Mariners slides into the elaborate recording studio with The Girls for a little 2 on 1. It's a special episode of the Fantoo Girls to brighten up your holiday weekend, and with lots of baseball on the schedule the timing couldn't be more perfect.

From steroids to the batting order, Bill takes The Girls one step closer in their quest to truly understand the game of baseball in an exclusive interview you can only hear on the Fantoo Girls - Where The Girls Talk Sports.

Batter up and listen in!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Girls and Ben Wallace are Safe and Sound!

The Girls have returned from our trip down the East Coast - final destination - Charlotte, NC. Our Ben Wallace bobble head doll defended our honor every step of the way. We on the other hand could have been better guardians. Poor Ben. Photos and explanations will be posted shortly. Needless to say, he's tired. That may explain a less than stellar performance in Game 1 against the Miami Heat. Don't blame us, Ben! You wanted to come along for the ride!

This week's podcast gives you a sneak peek at our interview with the General Manager of the Seattle Mariners, Bill Bavasi. Bill hung out with The Girls and answered our Fan-Tutor Question of the Week. Good thing, because we wouldn't have been able to do it without him. We will release our full-length interview with Bill in time for your weekend drive to the shore, or wherever you plan to celebrate Memorial Day. Have a beer and a rack of ribs in our honor! And don't forget to watch the games.

And now this week's podcast...

The Girls and Ben Wallace are Safe and Sound!

Well, maybe The Girls are safe. Ben...that's another story that will be told when the photo montage is up. The Girls return from their trip South with many fond memories, many new friends, and many tidbits to tell. The NASCAR All-Star race was merely a back drop to the funniest mosh pit surfing attempt The Girls have ever seen.

Barbaro is on his way to recovery, so it is only fitting that The Girls toast him with a snappy new IPA in the Beer of the Week.

And a super special guest of Fantoo honor, Bill Bavasi, the GM for the Seattle Mariners slides into the elaborate recording studio to help us out with our Fan-Tutor of the day. After a whirl around the bases, The Girls get slap-happy as they dish on the NBA and NHL free-for-all known as the Playoffs!

And, while The Girls did just make their television debut this past weekend, they feel Hollywood NEEDS them for the big screen - it's all in the IT HAS TO BE SAID. Get your popcorn and your puffy hand and come curl up with The Girls for another smokin' episode of the Fantoo Girls!