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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pitching, Frenching and Fly Balls with The Girls

It's the dog days of summer sports fans. For those who aren't livid with the MLB, you are having some fun. For lovers of the Tour de France, you are having even more fun! And for those who count every day after the Super Bowl as a day without fun, you are breaking out in hives knowing that training camps are gearing up around the country. The Girls are right there with you!

And speaking of training camps, we want to thank all of you who voted for us in the Eagles' Dig This Gig contest. We are psyched to announce that we have made it to the finals and will be arriving in Lehigh for training camp to chat up the boys as they prep in the sweltering heat, all in the hopes of landing the Big Gig of reporting from the sidelines during the Eagles V. Giants game at Lincoln Financial Field. We'll keep you posted and hope that you vote for us again if you deem us worthy!

Without further adieu (we're just so in love with our french accent!) we give to you Episode 31. Immediately after listening get back to Pin the Bat on Bonds' new "Executive Hide-Away Retreat".

PS: Why is the batter automatically out in the Infield Fly Rule? Because he would have been out anyway if the fielder wasn't being snarky.

The Girls are coming to you live from their first ever poetry night. One verse was all we needed to realize that it's pubs, not coffee houses, that light our fires! That said, the Tour de France has lit up like the 4th of July with crashes and surprises, and the most gifted talking heads ever.

We dismount for a fly-over of Hoylake - site of the British Open - where we wager on who throws the first punch. With an apt British Ale in hand for our Beer of the Week we take a spin through NASCAR. That's the only time The Girls drink and drive.

Our Fan-Tutor explains the in-field fly rule and the Rookie Look is the most deserving pitcher in baseball today. He's a Fantoo favorite! The MLB is getting spicy as the trade deadline nears and teams gear up for the battles that lead to a glorious October. Some surprises await those that think their teams are locks!

Finally, NFL Training Camps kick-off with our beloved Eagles taking the lead. Many predictions are banded about and The Girls will debunk them for you in the coming weeks. The IT HAS TO BE SAID really needs to be said...but not by him!

Grab your baguette, a soft bleu and your favorite bobble head and come get International with The Girls!