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Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Girls Go to P. Manning's Etiquette School

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It was a heck of a weekend of football, no? Some crazy upsets, crazy plays, and who could have thought any games would be played with all those arrests! Peyton showed he really is a team kind of guy, the World Baseball Classic showed they are afraid of real competition, and Presidente beer knocks the stockings off the girls! We profile Charlie Villanueva as our Rookie Look of the Week, and close with IT HAS TO BE SAID. Just a raucous time in the Fantoo Girls studio.

We're off to Orlando this week to launch our new line of crystal tees and hoodies for all you girls who love the game but hate the unimaginative and oversized licensed gear out there. Show off your "fan-ness" with something sexy and smart by checking out our clothes on our site in the SHOP section. We aim to track down any and all athlebrities at the show, throw our mic in their little mugs and have at em! Next week's podcast will launch Friday as a result, but it will be a doozy.

And The Girls will be welcoming Bill Walton, NBA Hall of Famer and Greatful Dead Hall of Famer to the Fantoo studio for a chat in early February. We guarantee we will take Bill (and you the listener) where he has never gone. We sure hope he can find his way back!

Thanks for listening to the cast - we appreciate all your support!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I Want a Mojito with that Corndog!!!!

Let's just say it loud and clear - There is no reason for Cuba not to play in the World Baseball Classic other than to further oppress Cubans: free and exiled.

I have no idea what the Treasury Department is trying to prove by enforcing the crumbling and outdated embargo on Cuba that prevents Fidel Castro's Nation from making money in the US. It sounds greedy, stingy and utterly ridiculous.

Apparently, from this week's actions, all American policy really cares about is 1) money and 2) making the rules. Altogether now - there is no winner if Cuba cannot play. It's a non-event.

Personally, I feel the baseball season is already too long and the WBC is another way for players to get injured before the season even starts. But if you're going to have a touchy-feely-all-nations-represented affair, you MUST have Cuba. Baseball is their sport. To keep them from the WBC is like saying Brazil cannot compete in soccer's World Cup. So what if Castro makes a few lousy dollars from the event? Whatever he could possibly gain is not worth depriving the Cubans a chance to have a little, or a lot of, pride.

The call to boycott the WBC is real and it should be heard. It would be a shame for players to even think of participating in an event where Mike Piazza and Frank Catalanotto can play for Italy, but brilliant Cuban players are shut out. Yes, you red correctly - Italy. Frank Catalanotto has NEVER BEEN to Italy. Piazza, yes, on vacation. What kind of nonsense is this?
Let's take the decision-making for sporting events out of the political sector and place it back with the folks that really count, the fans, the players and the leagues.

Brush those dollar signs out of your eyes, Treasury Department. They are surely clouding your judgment.

There is no class in this 'Classic' until you give the green light to Havana.