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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hot Heat, Summer Beer and Loving Sports with The Girls

Are you still in recovery? The Girls are! That was a heck of a week in the world of sports. A game 7 in the NHL Playoffs, a game 6 in the NBA, a brutal but successful outing in the World Cup, a crazy finale to the US Open; seriously, how much can two Girls take?

MORE! Bring it on!

The depression hasn't set in yet and probably won't because there is still so much to look forward to in the coming weeks. And NFL training camp is JUST arond the corner! There is no downtime in the land of the Fantoo Girls.

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And now, without further blah, blahing, this week's episode is laying in wait for you to pounce on it and make it your own.

A freshy for you...

The Girls are coming to you live from where Shaq and DWayne have decided to throw caution to the rim and admit their man-love for each other. Who wouldn't after such an amazing series that resulted in much bling being bestowed upon the boys from South Beach.

It's hot in Germany too, where the US FINALLY scores a point for the Red, White and Blue on European soil. It's just getting smokin across the pond and The Girls vow to keep you onsides with our FanTutor - the single most misunderstood rule in soccer. Quite frankly we're not sure we get it yet. We think it requires copious amounts of beer to understand this "simple" game. And to be sure we are lubed, we have a super special guest with us to insure that we tip back Smuttynose Summer Weizen correctly. This is the best beer on the planet.

After pounding a 12 ouncer in about 12 seconds we hightail it on over to the NHL to salute the boys from Carolina and wonder about the state of our friend, Lord Stanley. The Girls simply MUST get a date with this Cup!

Geoff Ogilvy is still calling upon the Golf Gods to find out how in the heck he won the US Open, but The Girls know how - and we tell you. Once we solve that riddle we try to imagine a NASCAR race where the top speed is 80 MPH. Wha???

After a quick spin around the bases in the land of "growth-ball" The Girls warn the entire Northeast about a mad scratcher that is due to be released any day now in the IT HAS TO BE SAID. Lock your doors! But be sure to let us in if we come a knocking!

Grab your bathing suit, a Summer Weizen and your best friend and come play with The Girls.